How to Turn Off Pandora on an iPhone

You can close the Pandora iPhone app by swiping up and to the left from the bottom of the screen, finding the Pandora app, and then swiping it off the top of the screen.

Are you a music lover too? Then we bet you’d find the Pandora app as one of the finest apps for fulfilling your craving for music. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always keep running Pandora and let it drain all the battery life.

This is where the question ‘how to turn off Pandora on an iPhone?’ might pop up in your head. Like all the other functionalities, Apple has simplified the way of closing apps, and the same goes for closing the Pandora app as well.

But the way to close Pandora can vary based on the iPhone model as not all of them come with home buttons. Don’t worry; scroll down a bit, and you’ll see all the ways to close Pandora, whether there’s a home button on your iPhone or not.

How Do You Turn Off Pandora on iPhone?

  1. Swipe up and to the left from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Locate the Pandora app.
  3. Drag it to the top of the screen.

Our iPhone guide continues below with more information on how to turn off Pandora on iPhone 13, including pictures of these steps.

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How to Turn off Pandora App – Step by Step

Like we said before, not all the iPhone models come with the same design as home buttons lately differentiate them. So, let’s start with the home button-free editions of iPhone or iPhone 13, 12, 11, and 10.

Turning Pandora App Off in iPhones without Home Buttons

Follow the instructions given below when you’ve got the Pandora app installed on iPhones 13, 12, 11, and 10.

Step – 1: Swiping from the Bottom

Put your finger at the bottom of the screen and swipe up and to the left. The shape that you are making is kind of like a “7”, but you start from the bottom.

swipe up and to the left

Step – 2: Find the Pandora App

Once you let the finger go, all the running apps will show up from the left of the screen. Now find the Pandora app among those applications.

locate the Pandora app

Step – 3: Tap on Pandora and Swipe It Off

Now tap on the Pandora music app and to close it, swipe it off to the top of your screen. Once you see it has disappeared from the multitasking tray, you can count it as closed. 

how to turn off the Pandora app on an iPhone

Now go back to the home screen or switch to one of the running apps. If you want to stop Pandora from playing, hitting the pause button will be enough.

Turning Pandora App Off in iPhone with Home Button

Now comes how to close Pandora on an iPhone with the home button. Well, you can do that by following simple instructions like –

Step – 1: Double Click on Home Button

First of all, you need to double-tap on the “Home” button of your phone. Once the multitasking bar appears, you’ll see all the running apps on your phone.

Step – 2: Find Pandora App

Once you slide the running apps, you’ll see the Pandora music app among them.

Step – 3: Hold the Finger against the App and Swipe It up

Now, to close the Pandora app, hold a finger on it and swipe it upward. Once you see it’s gone from the multitasking tray, count it turned off. You can also close the other apps in the same way. Once you’re done, tap the button again to return to the home screen.

Turning Pandora App Off on iOS 4, 6, and 7

If you’re not planning to let your old school phone go, then you better know how to close the Pandora app in it too. All you need to do is –

Step – 1: Double Click on Home Button

Click on your home button twice, which will open the app switcher.

Step – 2: Swipe Up the Application

Like the newer editions, swipe the application up for closing it.

Step – 3: Double Click on Home Button

On iOS 4 to iOS 6, hold the Pandora app icon till all the icons in the multitasking tray start shaking. Right after that, please tap on the red cross to close it.

When Should You Reinstall Pandora Rather Than Closing It?

Sometimes closing an application is not enough. You’ll have to reinstall it to get it back on the smoother track. The same thing can happen to Pandora as well. So, how do you understand that it’s time to get the application reinstalled? Well, after seeing the following symptoms:


Like any other app, Pandora, too, can malfunction. If you see it’s not responding as before or it freezes, try using force stop to close the Pandora app as per the instructions we’ve given above. If the app is still not responding, make sure that you’re reinstalling or updating it.

Stopping on Its Own

Sometimes the application can turn itself off on its own. If you’re seeing something like this, you better contact the support center. But before that, get the application reinstalled to check if it’s working normally again or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Closing the iPhone 13 Pandora App

Does leaving the Pandora app open in the multitasking tray slow down the iPhone?

No, it doesn’t; as one of the high-tech brands, apple too has improved its operating system. Even if you’re not closing all the apps in the app switcher, the system manages the CPU on its own and keeps the processing speed up to the mark. 
So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re closing the app or not; your iPhone is surely not going to slow down.

When should you force stop the Pandora app?

The methods we’ve mentioned above are considered as ‘forced stopping.’ This kind of force stopping should be applied when the app is not responding. Most iPhone users do that as they’re habituated to closing apps this way, even if they’re doing okay. But the truth is, it doesn’t give the system an extra boost.

Does closing the app actually save battery?

Well, there are tons of misconceptions about the iPhone where one is leaving an idle app on the multitasking tray that will drain the battery. But it’s not entirely true. 
Apple has lately improved the system in their iPhone where an app doesn’t consume battery as the system optimizes the app without influencing responsiveness and speed.

Can force stop cause any problem after re-launching the app?

Yes, it can at times. Actually, it’s been noticed that once you re-launch Pandora or any other app, the app starts over, but it responds a little slowly at the beginning. That’s because every time you’re forcefully stopping it, your iPhone doesn’t get the chance to optimize the app.

How do I remove the Pandora icon from my Home screen?

If you don’t want to see the Pandora icon on your iPhone screen and would rather launch it from the App Library then you can tap and hold on the icon and choose the “Remove App” option.

You will then be able ot select the Remove from Home Screen option on the pop up window that appears next.

You can also open the Settings app and select the Home Screen option, then choose the App Library Only option so that future apps aren’t added to the Home screen as well.

Is there a way for me to close the Pandora app on my Android phone with just my voice?

If you have the OK Google feature on your phone then you can use it to have Google turn on Pandora or turn it off by just speaking ot the phone.

For example, you could use commands like:

– Hey Google, turn off Pandora
– OK Googe, turn off Pandora
– Hey Google stop Pandora

These can be a simpler alternative than trying to manually force close the app.

Bottom Line

We guess now you know everything about how to turn off Pandora on an iPhone and how to do it for every type of iPhone. 

But it doesn’t matter if you’re closing it or not, as the phone knows how to keep the speed up to the mark even if the application is running. Still, you can close it if you like keeping the recent apps screen in your iPhone clean.

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Listening to music has always been one of the pure joys in life. Just like finding a surprise $5 bill in your jeans, discovering a new tune can light up your day. But sometimes, just as you’d tuck that $5 back in your pocket, you might want to pause or shut off that tune. So, how do you go about it, especially if you’re using the Pandora app on your iPhone? Sit tight, and I’ll walk you through it.

Give that Home Button Some Love

Remember the good ol’ days of your childhood where pressing the pause button on your cassette player would halt the tunes? The iPhone isn’t all that different, with the Home button playing the pause button role in some respects.

  1. If you have the Pandora app open and playing a song, just tap the Home button. This will send Pandora to the background, and the music will pause.
  2. Want to get back to the groove? Simply tap on the Pandora icon again.

Swipe it to Silence

When you’re on a treasure hunt, you swipe the dirt away to reveal the hidden gems. In the world of iPhones, swiping can do wonders too.

  1. From your home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center.
  2. Spot the music controls? That’s where you’ll see the song currently playing on Pandora.
  3. To pause the music, tap on the pause icon.
  4. To close the app altogether, swipe it away from the app switcher. Think of it like closing a book you’ve finished reading.

Going Cold Turkey: Quitting the App

Sometimes, you just want to shut off everything, take a break, and enjoy some silence.

  1. Double-click the Home button (or swipe up from the bottom if you have an iPhone X or newer).
  2. This action brings up the app switcher, showing all your open apps.
  3. Swipe left or right until you find Pandora.
  4. Swipe up on the Pandora app preview to quit it. Imagine it’s like flicking away a crumb from your table.

Additional Information

Did you know? The name “Pandora” comes from Greek mythology. Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods. She opened a forbidden box out of curiosity, releasing all the evils into the world but keeping hope inside. The music streaming service aims to evoke that hope with every tune you discover.

So there you have it, folks! Turning off Pandora on your iPhone is as easy as pie. Next time you’re lost in a sea of tunes and want a quick exit, you’ll know exactly what to do. Music to your ears, right?

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