How to Delete a Channel on a Roku TV: Step-by-Step Guide

Want to declutter your Roku TV by removing channels you no longer watch? It’s quite simple! Just navigate to the channel on your home screen, press the * button on your remote, and select ‘Remove channel’. Confirm the action, and voila, you’ve deleted a channel!

After you complete the action, the channel will no longer appear on your Roku TV home screen. If you wish to add the channel back at a later time, you will have to search for it in the Roku Channel Store and reinstall it.


Roku TV offers a seamless streaming experience with a vast array of channels to choose from. Whether you’re into movies, sports, or educational content, there’s something for everyone. However, over time, you may find yourself subscribed to channels you no longer watch or need. This not only clutters your home screen but can also make navigating to your favorite channels a bit of a hassle.

Deleting channels on a Roku TV is a simple process that can help you keep your streaming experience organized and tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re looking to free up some space, reduce distraction, or simply declutter your screen, removing unwanted channels is the way to go. This task is not only relevant to individual users but is also useful for parents who want to manage the content their children have access to. Let’s dive into the steps to achieve a more streamlined Roku experience.

Deleting a Channel on a Roku TV Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the process of removing an unwanted channel from your Roku TV.

Step 1

Navigate to the channel you wish to delete on your Roku TV home screen.

Once you’ve located the channel, make sure it is highlighted but not opened.

Step 2

Press the * button on your Roku remote.

This will open a menu with options related to the selected channel.

Step 3

Select ‘Remove channel’ from the menu.

You might have to scroll down to find this option, depending on how many additional options the channel provides.

Step 4

Confirm the removal when prompted.

A message will pop up asking if you’re sure you want to remove the channel. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed with the deletion.


Decluttered Home ScreenA cleaner home screen makes it easier to navigate and find the channels you actually use.
Reduces OverwhelmHaving fewer channels can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by choices.
Better Parental ControlRemoving unwanted channels can help parents control the content available to children.


Loss of ContentOnce a channel is deleted, you lose access to its content unless you reinstall it.
Time to ReinstallIf you change your mind, it takes time to search for and reinstall the channel.
Possible Data LossSome channels may not save your viewing data, and removing them could reset your progress.

Additional Information

When deleting a channel on your Roku TV, it’s important to note that some channels come with a subscription. If you’re paying for a channel, make sure to cancel the subscription before or after deleting the channel to avoid unnecessary charges. Additionally, some channels may require a parent pin to remove, especially if they contain mature content. So, make sure you have that handy if needed.

Remember, deleting a channel from your Roku TV does not delete your account with that channel’s service. For example, if you remove Netflix, your Netflix account and billing remain active unless you cancel the subscription directly through Netflix.

Lastly, while you can delete almost any channel on Roku, there are a few default channels that cannot be removed. These are typically the ones that come pre-installed on your Roku TV.


  1. Navigate to the channel on your home screen.
  2. Press the * button on your Roku remote.
  3. Select ‘Remove channel’.
  4. Confirm the removal when prompted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete a channel from all Roku devices at once?

No, you’ll need to remove channels individually on each Roku device.

Will I still be charged for a subscription if I delete the channel?

Deleting the channel from your Roku TV doesn’t cancel your subscription. You’ll need to cancel it separately.

Can I recover a deleted channel?

Yes, you can always reinstall a deleted channel from the Roku Channel Store.

Is it possible to lock certain channels to prevent others from deleting them?

Yes, you can create a Roku account PIN to add an extra layer of security.

Can I delete default channels that came with my Roku TV?

Most pre-installed default channels cannot be removed from your Roku TV.


Deleting a channel on a Roku TV is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your viewing experience. By removing channels you no longer need, you’re not only tidying up your home screen but also streamlining your content consumption. Plus, with the added benefit of improved parental control, you can ensure that your Roku TV only displays content that is suitable for all viewers in your household.

Keep in mind that while the process is uncomplicated, it’s essential to manage your subscriptions separately to avoid continued charges for services you no longer use. With this simple guide, you are now equipped to take control of your Roku TV channels and tailor your streaming environment to your exact liking. Happy streaming!

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