How to Uninstall an App on Firestick: Step-by-Step Guide

Uninstalling an app on Firestick is a simple process that involves navigating to the settings menu, selecting the app you wish to remove, and confirming the uninstallation.

After you complete the action, the app will be removed from your Firestick, freeing up storage space and potentially improving device performance.


Firestick, Amazon’s popular streaming device, offers a wide array of entertainment options right at your fingertips. However, with limited storage capacity, managing apps becomes a necessity. Whether it’s to declutter your interface, free up space, or remove an app that’s no longer needed, knowing how to uninstall an app is crucial.

This process is particularly relevant for individuals seeking to optimize their device’s performance or those who like to regularly update their app library. The Firestick interface is user-friendly, but the uninstallation process might not be immediately apparent to all users. So let’s dive in and learn how to keep your Firestick organized and functioning smoothly by removing unwanted apps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Uninstalling an App on Firestick

To uninstall an app on your Firestick, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

From your Firestick’s home screen, scroll to the right and select the ‘Settings’ option.

Navigating to ‘Settings’ is your gateway to customizing and managing your Firestick. It’s where you can adjust preferences, check your network connections, and manage applications.

Step 2: Click on Applications

In the ‘Settings’ menu, continue to scroll right until you find ‘Applications’, and select it.

The ‘Applications’ section houses all your installed apps. It’s the control room for app permissions, data storage, and, most importantly, uninstallation.

Step 3: Select Manage Installed Applications

Once in ‘Applications’, you’ll see an option labeled ‘Manage Installed Applications’. Click on this to view a list of all your apps.

This list shows both the default and downloaded apps on your device. It is also where you can see how much space each app is consuming.

Step 4: Choose the App to Uninstall

Scroll through the list until you find the app you want to uninstall, and select it.

It’s important to note that you can’t uninstall default apps that came pre-installed on your Firestick. Only third-party apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore can be removed.

Step 5: Select Uninstall

After selecting the app, you’ll be presented with a new menu. Here, click on ‘Uninstall’ to initiate the removal process.

A confirmation prompt will appear to ensure you don’t accidentally remove an app. If you’re sure, proceed to confirm the uninstallation.


Frees Up SpaceRemoving apps you no longer use or need can free up valuable storage space on your Firestick.
Better PerformanceFewer apps can lead to better device performance, as there are less background processes consuming resources.
Simplified InterfaceAn uncluttered interface makes it easier to navigate and find the apps you do use.


Potential Data LossUninstalling an app may lead to loss of associated data or progress within that app.
Time-ConsumingIf you have many apps to remove, the process can be time-consuming as you must uninstall them one at a time.
Default App LimitationYou can’t uninstall default apps that came pre-installed on your Firestick, which can be frustrating if you don’t use them.

Additional Information

When uninstalling an app on Firestick, the process is irreversible, and you’ll lose any saved data within the app unless it’s backed up or syncs to the cloud. If you’re unsure about removing an app, consider the last time you used it and its overall utility. Also, keep in mind that you can always re-download any app from the Amazon Appstore if you change your mind later.

It’s a good practice to periodically review your app library and uninstall those that are no longer serving a purpose. This maintenance ensures your Firestick remains fast, responsive, and tailored to your entertainment preferences. Remember, a streamlined Firestick offers a more enjoyable streaming experience.


  1. Navigate to Settings from the home screen.
  2. Click on Applications within Settings.
  3. Select Manage Installed Applications to see all apps.
  4. Choose the app you wish to uninstall.
  5. Select Uninstall and confirm to remove the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the app data after uninstallation?

Any data saved within the app will be deleted once the app is uninstalled, unless it’s stored in the cloud or backed up externally.

Can I reinstall an app after uninstalling it from my Firestick?

Yes, you can reinstall any app you’ve uninstalled from the Amazon Appstore at any time.

Will uninstalling apps affect my Firestick’s warranty?

No, uninstalling apps from your Firestick will not affect the device’s warranty.

Can I delete multiple apps at once?

No, the Firestick interface currently requires users to uninstall apps one at a time.

How do I know which apps are taking up the most space?

In the ‘Manage Installed Applications’ section, you can see the size of each app next to its name.


In conclusion, managing your Firestick’s apps by uninstalling those that are unnecessary can greatly enhance your streaming experience. It’s an easy process that can lead to improved performance, additional storage space, and a cleaner, more efficient interface.

Remember to regularly audit your apps and remove the ones that no longer serve a purpose. Your Firestick is a gateway to endless entertainment, and keeping it organized is key to enjoying its full potential. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your Firestick settings and start uninstalling today!

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