Enabling Dark Mode in Outlook on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dark mode has become increasingly popular for its sleek look and potential eye strain reduction. Enabling it in Outlook on Windows 11 is a snap! In just a few steps, you can switch from the bright, default theme to a darker, more subdued palette that’s easier on the eyes, especially in low-light environments.

Step by Step Tutorial: Enabling Dark Mode in Outlook on Windows 11

This step-by-step guide will help you quickly and easily enable dark mode in Outlook on your Windows 11 computer.

Step 1: Open Outlook on your Windows 11 computer.

Open the Outlook application to get started.

Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be found in your list of installed programs. If it’s not already pinned to your taskbar, you can find it by clicking on the Start menu and scrolling through your list of applications or by searching for it in the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ tab in the top-left corner of Outlook.

Click on the ‘File’ tab to access additional options.

After clicking on the ‘File’ tab, a menu will appear on the left side of the screen. This is where you can find various settings and options for customizing your Outlook experience.

Step 3: Choose ‘Office Account’ from the menu on the left.

Select ‘Office Account’ to find theme settings.

The ‘Office Account’ section is where you can manage your Office subscription and account settings, including the theme for all Office applications, not just Outlook.

Step 4: Under the ‘Office Theme’ dropdown menu, select ‘Black’.

Choose the ‘Black’ option to enable dark mode.

After you select ‘Black’, Outlook and all other Office applications will switch to dark mode. You can change this setting at any time if you decide to go back to a lighter theme.

After completing these steps, Outlook will switch to dark mode, and you’ll notice the change immediately. The background will be black, and the text will be white or light grey, making it easier to read in low-light conditions and potentially reducing eye strain.

Tips for Enabling Dark Mode in Outlook on Windows 11

  • If you use other Office applications like Word or Excel, enabling dark mode in Outlook will also apply the dark theme to these programs.
  • Some emails may not display correctly in dark mode, especially if they have a dark background. Outlook offers an option to view such emails in light mode if needed.
  • You can switch between dark and light mode at any time by following the same steps and selecting a different theme.
  • Dark mode is especially helpful if you find yourself working late into the night and want to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your screen.
  • Remember that while dark mode can be easier on the eyes, it’s also important to take regular breaks from your screen to prevent eye strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will enabling dark mode in Outlook affect my other Office applications?

Yes, changing the Office theme in Outlook will also change the theme in other Office applications, like Word and Excel.

Can I switch back to light mode if I don’t like dark mode?

Absolutely! You can switch back to light mode at any time by following the same steps and choosing a different theme from the ‘Office Theme’ dropdown menu.

Will dark mode make it harder to read some emails?

Some emails with dark backgrounds or images may not display well in dark mode. However, Outlook provides an option to view these emails in light mode temporarily.

Does dark mode save battery life?

On devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, dark mode can help conserve battery life since these screens use less power to display darker colors.

Is dark mode better for my eyes?

Dark mode can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions by decreasing the amount of bright light from the screen. However, it’s also essential to take regular breaks and maintain proper screen distance and brightness.


  1. Open Outlook on your Windows 11 computer
  2. Click on the ‘File’ tab
  3. Choose ‘Office Account’ from the menu
  4. Under the ‘Office Theme’ dropdown, select ‘Black’


Switching to dark mode in Outlook on Windows 11 is not only a matter of preference for a sleeker look but also a practical choice for those who spend long hours in front of their screens. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy a more visually comfortable email experience that might even help with reducing eye strain and conserving battery life on certain devices. Whether you’re a night owl or someone looking for a modern twist on your user interface, dark mode is definitely worth trying out. Keep in mind the additional tips and frequently asked questions to get the most out of your dark mode experience in Outlook. Happy emailing, and may the dark mode be with you!

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