How to Install Windows 11 on Steam Deck: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing Windows 11 on a Steam Deck might sound complicated, but it’s totally doable with a bit of patience. You’ll need a USB drive and some basic computer skills. Essentially, you’ll create a bootable USB with Windows 11, boot your Steam Deck from it, and then install the OS. Let’s break it down in simple steps.

How to Install Windows 11 on Steam Deck

Installing Windows 11 on your Steam Deck will give it a new operating system, allowing you to run Windows apps and games. Below are the steps to achieve this seamlessly.

Step 1: Prepare a Bootable USB Drive

First, you need to create a bootable USB drive with Windows 11 on it.

You’ll need a USB drive with at least 8GB of storage. Download the Windows 11 ISO file from the official Microsoft website and use a tool like Rufus to create the bootable drive.

Step 2: Boot Steam Deck from USB Drive

Next, you’ll need to boot your Steam Deck from the USB drive to start the Windows installation process.

To do this, power off your Steam Deck. Then, insert the USB drive and hold down the Volume Down button while pressing the Power button to enter the boot manager.

Step 3: Install Windows 11

Now, you’ll follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows 11.

Once the boot manager appears, select the USB drive to boot from. Follow the Windows installation prompts, choosing where to install the OS (typically the internal storage).

Step 4: Install Drivers

After the OS is installed, you’ll need to install the necessary drivers for your Steam Deck to work properly.

You can download the drivers from Valve’s official website. These drivers will ensure that components like the graphics card, sound, and Wi-Fi work correctly.

Step 5: Set Up Windows 11

Finally, you’ll want to set up Windows 11 to your liking.

This includes customizing your settings, installing your favorite software, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

After completing these steps, your Steam Deck will reboot into Windows 11. You can now enjoy the flexibility of running both Windows and Steam games on your device.

Tips for Installing Windows 11 on Steam Deck

  • Make sure to back up any important data on your Steam Deck before starting the installation.
  • Use a USB drive with good read/write speeds to make the process faster.
  • Ensure your Steam Deck is plugged in during the installation to avoid power disruptions.
  • Keep your Windows 11 product key handy, as you might need it during the setup.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Steam Deck’s BIOS settings in case you need to troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dual-boot Windows 11 and SteamOS on my Steam Deck?

Yes, dual-booting is possible but requires advanced setup. You’ll need to partition your storage and carefully manage boot settings.

Will installing Windows 11 void my Steam Deck warranty?

No, installing Windows 11 will not void your warranty. However, if any issues occur, you may need to revert to SteamOS before seeking support.

Do I need a specific version of Windows 11?

Any standard version of Windows 11 should work, but it’s best to use the latest version for the best compatibility and features.

Is the performance of Windows 11 on Steam Deck good?

Generally, yes. However, performance can vary based on the tasks you are performing and how well the drivers support the hardware.

Can I revert to SteamOS after installing Windows 11?

Yes, you can revert to SteamOS. You’ll need to create a recovery drive and follow the process to reinstall SteamOS.


  1. Prepare a bootable USB drive.
  2. Boot Steam Deck from USB drive.
  3. Install Windows 11.
  4. Install drivers.
  5. Set up Windows 11.


Installing Windows 11 on your Steam Deck can open up a world of possibilities, from running Windows-exclusive games to using productivity software. While the process may seem daunting, following these steps will make it manageable. Always remember to back up your data before starting and keep your device plugged in. If you run into any issues, there are plenty of online communities and resources to help you out. So why wait? Give your Steam Deck a new life with Windows 11 today!

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