How to Remove Chat from Taskbar Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing the chat from the taskbar in Windows 11 is a simple process. Just right-click on the taskbar, select "Taskbar settings" and then turn off "Chat." After doing this, the chat icon will disappear from your taskbar, giving you a cleaner and more personalized workspace.

Step by Step Tutorial to Remove Chat from Taskbar Windows 11

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly go over what we’re trying to achieve here. We’re looking to declutter your taskbar by removing the chat icon. This will give your taskbar a neater appearance and could help improve your productivity by reducing distractions.

Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar

Right-click anywhere on the taskbar to bring up the taskbar menu options.

When you right-click on the taskbar, a menu will pop up with various options. You’re looking for the "Taskbar settings" option, which will take you to the settings where you can customize your taskbar’s appearance.

Step 2: Select "Taskbar settings"

Click on the "Taskbar settings" option from the menu.

In the taskbar settings, you’ll find various options to customize your taskbar, including the ability to turn system icons on or off. This is where you can turn off the chat icon.

Step 3: Turn off "Chat"

Find the "Chat" toggle in the taskbar settings and switch it off.

Once you find the "Chat" toggle, click on it to turn it off. The chat icon will immediately disappear from your taskbar.

After you’ve completed these steps, the chat icon will be removed from your taskbar. This will give you more space on your taskbar and could help you focus better on your tasks without the distraction of the chat icon.

Tips for Removing Chat from Taskbar Windows 11

  • Make sure you’re logged in as an administrator to make changes to the taskbar settings.
  • If you want to bring back the chat icon, simply follow the same steps and turn the "Chat" toggle back on.
  • Customize your taskbar by pinning your most-used apps for quick access.
  • Remember that removing the chat icon doesn’t uninstall the chat app, it only removes the icon from the taskbar.
  • Keep your taskbar organized by only having essential icons on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will removing the chat icon uninstall the chat app?

No, removing the chat icon from the taskbar will not uninstall the chat app. It only removes the icon from the taskbar.

Can I bring back the chat icon later?

Yes, you can bring back the chat icon later by going back into the taskbar settings and turning the "Chat" toggle back on.

Does this process require administrative rights?

Yes, you may need administrative rights to make changes to the taskbar settings.

Can I customize other icons on the taskbar?

Yes, you can customize other icons on the taskbar in the taskbar settings.

Will this process work on previous versions of Windows?

No, this process is specific to Windows 11. Previous versions of Windows may have a different process for customizing the taskbar.


  1. Right-click on the taskbar
  2. Select "Taskbar settings"
  3. Turn off "Chat"


In conclusion, customizing your taskbar by removing the chat icon in Windows 11 is a quick and easy process. It’s a great way to declutter your workspace and create a more focused environment for productivity. Plus, if you ever change your mind, it’s just as easy to bring the chat icon back. So go ahead, give it a try and see how a cleaner taskbar can make a difference in your daily computer use. And who knows, you might just find yourself enjoying the simplicity and extra space on your taskbar. Happy customizing!

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