How to Remove Dollar Sign in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

To remove a dollar sign in Google Sheets, simply select the cells with the dollar sign, go to the ‘Format’ menu, click on ‘Number’, and choose the format without the currency symbol. It’s as simple as that!

After completing this action, the dollar signs will be removed from the selected cells, and the numbers will be displayed without any currency formatting. This can make your data easier to work with, especially if you’re using it for calculations or other purposes where the currency symbol is not needed.


Google Sheets is an incredibly powerful tool for managing data, performing calculations, and creating detailed spreadsheets. One feature that many users appreciate is its ability to handle currency, complete with the dollar sign symbol. However, there are times when you might not want this symbol included, such as when you are dealing with raw numbers or when the currency symbol can cause confusion in international documents. Whether you’re a business owner, a student, or just someone who likes to keep their finances in check, knowing how to remove the dollar sign in Google Sheets can be a valuable skill. It’s a simple process, but it’s one that can save you time and help ensure that your data is presented exactly the way you want it.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing the Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that removing the dollar sign will not change the value of your data; it will only change how it’s displayed.

Step 1: Select the cells

Click and drag to select the cells that contain the dollar sign.

Selecting the cells is the first and most crucial step. Be careful to select only the cells you want to modify, as any changes you make will affect all selected cells.

Step 2: Open the ‘Format’ menu

Navigate to the ‘Format’ menu at the top of the page.

The ‘Format’ menu is where you’ll find all the options for changing the appearance of your data, including the option to remove the dollar sign.

Step 3: Click on ‘Number’

In the ‘Format’ menu, click on ‘Number’ to open the number formatting options.

The ‘Number’ option is where Google Sheets stores all the different number formats, including currency, percentages, dates, and more.

Step 4: Choose the desired format

Select the format without the dollar sign, such as ‘Number’ or ‘Plain text’.

Choosing the correct format is essential. If you select ‘Plain text,’ the data will be treated as text rather than a number, which could affect calculations.


Benefit Explanation
Increased clarity Removing the dollar sign can make it easier to read and understand the data, especially if the currency symbol is not relevant.
Easier calculations Without the dollar sign, numbers can be copied, pasted, and used in calculations without any formatting issues.
Customization It allows you to customize how you present your data. Instead of being locked into the currency format, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Drawback Explanation
Potential confusion If the data is shared without context, others may not realize that the numbers represent currency.
Extra steps Removing the dollar sign requires a few extra clicks and steps, which could be seen as a minor inconvenience.
Inconsistency If not done carefully, you might end up with inconsistent formatting across your spreadsheet.

Additional Information

When working with Google Sheets, it’s not just about removing the dollar sign; it’s about understanding how the software handles different formats. Each format has its own set of rules and behaviors, which can impact how you work with your data. It’s also worth noting that while you might be removing the dollar sign, the value of the cell remains a numerical value, and you can still perform all the usual functions like summing, averaging, etc. Additionally, remember that this change will only affect the display of the data, not the underlying value. So, if you’re working on a shared document, be sure to communicate the change to your collaborators to avoid any confusion. Lastly, if you’re working with a large dataset, consider using the ‘Format as number’ option to quickly apply the change to multiple cells at once.


  1. Select the cells with the dollar sign.
  2. Open the ‘Format’ menu.
  3. Click on ‘Number’.
  4. Choose the format without the dollar sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will removing the dollar sign affect my calculations?

No, it will not. The value of the cell remains the same; only the display format changes.

Can I remove other currency symbols the same way?

Yes, the process is the same for other currency symbols in Google Sheets.

Can I undo this action?

Yes, simply reselect the cells and choose the currency format from the ‘Number’ options.

What happens if I select ‘Plain text’ instead of ‘Number’?

The data will be treated as text, which may affect calculations and sorting functions.

Is there a shortcut to remove the dollar sign?

While there is no direct shortcut, you can use the ‘Format painter’ to quickly apply the number format to other cells.


Removing the dollar sign in Google Sheets is a straightforward process that can have a significant impact on how you work with your data. Whether you’re looking to streamline your calculations, create a cleaner presentation, or simply prefer your numbers without the currency formatting, understanding how to make this adjustment is an essential skill for any Google Sheets user. Keep in mind that while the dollar sign may be gone, your data’s value remains intact, and you can continue to use your spreadsheet as you normally would. With this tutorial, you’ll be well-equipped to manage your financial data in Google Sheets with ease and precision.

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