How to Remove Windows Store from Taskbar in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing the Windows Store from the taskbar in Windows 11 is a simple process. Just right-click on the Windows Store icon on your taskbar, then select ‘Unpin from taskbar’. That’s it – the icon will disappear from your taskbar, giving you a tidier workspace.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing Windows Store from Taskbar in Windows 11

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve here. The taskbar is that horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen where you find icons of frequently used apps for quick access. Removing the Windows Store from it can declutter your workspace and streamline your navigation experience. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Locate the Windows Store Icon on the Taskbar

Find the icon on your taskbar.

The Windows Store icon usually looks like a small shopping bag with the Windows logo on it. It’s pretty easy to spot, but if you have a lot of icons on your taskbar, you might have to look a little harder.

Step 2: Right Click on the Windows Store Icon

Right-click on the icon.

When you right-click on the Windows Store icon, a small menu will pop up. This menu gives you several options, but the one we’re interested in is ‘Unpin from taskbar’.

Step 3: Select ‘Unpin from Taskbar’

Click on the ‘Unpin from taskbar’ option.

Once you click ‘Unpin from taskbar’, the icon will vanish from your taskbar immediately. It’s just that easy. Remember, this doesn’t uninstall the app; it just removes the icon from your taskbar.

After you remove the Windows Store from your taskbar, it’s not gone forever. You can still access it through the Start menu if you need to. But for now, enjoy your cleaner, more organized taskbar!

Tips for Removing Windows Store from Taskbar in Windows 11

  • If you change your mind, you can always pin the Windows Store back to your taskbar by finding it in the Start menu, right-clicking on it, and selecting ‘Pin to taskbar’.
  • Customize your taskbar further by dragging and dropping icons to rearrange them according to your preference.
  • Keep your taskbar icons to a minimum for a cleaner look and quicker access to your most-used apps.
  • If you accidentally unpin an app, don’t panic! Just find it in the Start menu and pin it back.
  • Remember, unpinning an app from the taskbar doesn’t uninstall it. The app is still on your computer and accessible through the Start menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I remove the Windows Store from my taskbar?

The icon will no longer be visible on your taskbar, but the app is still installed on your computer.

Can I undo removing the Windows Store from my taskbar?

Yes, you can easily pin it back to your taskbar by finding it in the Start menu and selecting ‘Pin to taskbar’.

Does removing the Windows Store icon from my taskbar delete the app from my computer?

No, it only removes the shortcut from your taskbar. The app remains installed.

Is it possible to rearrange icons on the taskbar in Windows 11?

Absolutely! You can click and drag icons to reorder them according to your liking.

Can I remove other icons from my taskbar the same way?

Yes, the same process applies to nearly all icons on the taskbar.


  1. Locate the Windows Store icon on the taskbar.
  2. Right-click on the icon.
  3. Select ‘Unpin from taskbar’.


So there you have it – a quick and painless way to remove the Windows Store from your taskbar in Windows 11. This tiny tweak can make a surprising difference in how you navigate your computer. It’s all about making your digital environment as comfortable and efficient as possible, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to unnecessary clutter. While the Windows Store offers a plethora of apps at your fingertips, not everyone needs instant access to it. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your taskbar only contains what is essential to you, making for a more personalized and streamlined user experience. Remember, the beauty of Windows 11 is in its customization. Don’t be afraid to play around with settings and layouts to create the perfect setup for your needs. Happy computing!

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