How to Run a Game as Administrator Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Running a game as an administrator on Windows 11 can be crucial for performance and access to certain features. It’s quite simple and takes only a few clicks. After completing the steps outlined below, your game will have the necessary permissions to run smoothly and without restrictions.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Run a Game as Administrator on Windows 11

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand why running a game as an administrator is sometimes necessary. It allows the game to access system files and settings that it wouldn’t normally be able to, which can solve problems like crashes or save game issues.

Step 1: Locate the Game Executable File

Find the game’s executable file (usually an .exe) in the game’s installation folder.

The game’s executable file is what launches the game. You can usually find this in the game’s folder within the ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files (x86)’ on your C drive. If you installed the game through a launcher like Steam or Epic Games, you might need to look for the folder within those launchers’ directories.

Step 2: Right Click on the Executable File

After finding the .exe file, right-click on it to bring up the context menu.

When you right-click on the file, you’ll see a menu with several options. This is your gateway to running the game with administrator privileges.

Step 3: Select ‘Run as administrator’

From the context menu, choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

After you click on ‘Run as administrator,’ you might see a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to allow the game to make changes to your device. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Once you complete these steps, your game will launch with administrator privileges. This means it will have the ability to modify system files and settings, which can be necessary for optimal performance or to resolve issues.

Tips on How to Run a Game as Administrator on Windows 11

  • Make sure you are logged into an account with administrator privileges.
  • If you’re running the game through a launcher, set the launcher to run as an administrator as well.
  • To avoid doing this every time, you can set the game to always run as an administrator in the properties menu.
  • Be cautious about running games as an administrator if you’ve downloaded them from a source you don’t fully trust.
  • Keep your game and Windows 11 updated to minimize the need to run games as an administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to run a game as an administrator?

Running a game as an administrator allows it to access necessary system files and settings that might be restricted otherwise. This can improve game performance and solve issues related to game saves or crashes.

Can running a game as an administrator harm my computer?

As long as the game is from a trusted source, running it as an administrator should not harm your computer. However, always be cautious with files from unknown sources.

Will running a game as an administrator improve game performance?

In some cases, yes. If the game requires access to certain system files and settings for optimal performance, running it as an administrator can help.

How do I set a game to always run as an administrator?

Right-click on the game executable, select ‘Properties,’ go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab, and check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box.

What if the game still doesn’t run properly after running it as an administrator?

If you’re still experiencing issues, check for game updates or contact the game’s support team for further assistance.


  1. Locate the game executable file.
  2. Right-click on the executable file.
  3. Select ‘Run as administrator’.


Running a game as an administrator on Windows 11 is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your gaming experience. It grants the game the necessary permissions to function at its best, eliminating pesky issues that arise from restricted access. Remember, this method should only be used when necessary and with games from trusted sources to maintain your computer’s security. With this guide, you’re now equipped to take control of your gaming sessions and ensure they run without a hitch. So go ahead, give your favorite game the administrative power it needs and dive into an uninterrupted adventure! Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, knowing how to run a game as administrator on Windows 11 is a valuable trick to have up your sleeve.

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