How to Send an HTML Email from Outlook: 2024 Guide

Sending an HTML email from Outlook may sound a bit daunting, but fear not! Here’s a quick overview of what to expect. First, you’ll need to create the HTML file that you want to send. Next, you will open Outlook and start a new email. Then, you’ll insert the HTML file into your email. Lastly, you’ll send your email off to its recipients.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Send an HTML Email from Outlook

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why you might want to send an HTML email. HTML emails allow for a more visually engaging experience for your recipients. They can include styles, images, and links that aren’t possible with plain text emails. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create your HTML File

Start by creating the HTML file that you want to email.

When creating your HTML file, make sure to use inline CSS, as some email clients may not support external stylesheets. Once you have your file ready, save it with an .html extension.

Step 2: Open Outlook and Start a New Email

Open Outlook and click on ‘New Email’ to start composing your message.

Make sure you’re logged into the account from which you want to send the HTML email. If you’re planning on sending this to multiple recipients, consider using the BCC field to keep everyone’s email address private.

Step 3: Insert the HTML File

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab, then choose ‘Attach File’ to add your HTML file to the email.

Instead of attaching the HTML file as you would with a regular attachment, find the ‘Insert as Text’ option, which will embed your HTML directly into the email body.

Step 4: Send Your Email

After you’ve inserted your HTML, add your recipients, subject line, and any final touches to your email. Then hit ‘Send.’

Double-check that everything looks good in the email preview before you send it. Some email clients may display HTML differently, so it’s always a good idea to send a test email to yourself first.

After you’ve sent your HTML email, it will land in your recipients’ inboxes just like any other email. They’ll be able to see all the styles and formatting you included, making for a more engaging and professional-looking message.

Tips: Sending an HTML Email from Outlook

  • Always test your HTML email by sending it to yourself first. This way, you can catch any errors before your recipients do.
  • Keep your HTML code as simple as possible to ensure consistent rendering across different email clients.
  • Use inline CSS styles instead of external stylesheets or tags, as some email clients strip out elements.
  • Make sure all your images are hosted online and accessible, as you’ll need to link to them in your HTML file.
  • Remember to include an alternative plain text version of your email for recipients who can’t view HTML emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HTML email?

An HTML email is an email that is formatted with HTML, allowing for more complex designs and formatting than a plain text email.

HTML emails can include different fonts, colors, graphics, and even interactive elements. They’re commonly used for newsletters, promotional messages, and other marketing content.

Can all email clients display HTML emails?

Most modern email clients can display HTML emails, but there may be differences in how they render the HTML code.

It’s important to keep your HTML simple and test your emails across different clients to ensure compatibility.

Why should I send an HTML email instead of a plain text email?

HTML emails are more visually appealing and can be more engaging for recipients. They allow you to include branding elements, visuals, and other design components that aren’t possible with plain text.

They can help your message stand out in a crowded inbox and provide a better user experience.

How do I make sure my HTML email looks good in all email clients?

Use inline CSS styles, avoid overly complex HTML structures, and test your emails in multiple clients. Consider using email testing tools that can show you how your email will look in different clients.

Can I use JavaScript in my HTML emails?

Most email clients block JavaScript for security reasons, so it’s not recommended to include it in your HTML emails.

Stick to HTML and CSS to ensure your emails are displayed correctly without any security issues.


  1. Create your HTML file.
  2. Open Outlook and start a new email.
  3. Insert the HTML file into your email.
  4. Send your email to your recipients.


Sending an HTML email from Outlook is a fantastic way to upgrade your email game. Whether you’re sending out a company newsletter, a promotional offer, or just want to add some personal flair to your messages, HTML emails can make a significant impact. Remember, the key to success is testing and simplicity – make sure your emails look good on all platforms, keep your code clean, and always provide a plain text alternative. With a bit of practice and creativity, your HTML emails will shine in any inbox. If you’re ready to get started, why not give it a try? You might just find that sending an HTML email from Outlook is easier and more fun than you expected!

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