How to Wipe PC Before Selling Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide

Wiping your PC before selling it, especially if it’s running Windows 11, ensures that all your personal data is removed, and the new owner gets a fresh start. By following a few straightforward steps, you can securely erase your information and restore the system to its original state.

How to Wipe PC Before Selling Windows 11

Doing this will effectively reset your computer to its factory settings, erasing all the files, apps, and settings you have added. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the "Start" menu and click on the gear icon to open "Settings."

The "Settings" menu is your main hub for managing your Windows 11 PC. From here, you can access various system configurations, including the options for resetting your PC.

Step 2: Go to System

In the "Settings" menu, select the "System" option.

The "System" category contains all the essential settings for your device, including power, display, and storage settings. This is where you’ll find the reset options.

Step 3: Select Recovery

Under the "System" menu, click on "Recovery."

The "Recovery" section is designed to help you troubleshoot problems and reset your PC. This is where you will find the option to remove everything and reinstall Windows.

Step 4: Click Reset PC

In the "Recovery" section, click the "Reset PC" button.

The "Reset PC" button initiates the process of wiping your PC. It offers different options for keeping or removing your files, but for selling your PC, you’ll want to remove everything.

Step 5: Choose Remove Everything

When prompted, select "Remove everything."

This step ensures that all your personal files, apps, and settings are completely erased, making sure that the new owner gets a clean slate.

Step 6: Confirm the Reset

Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm and begin the reset process.

The system will provide a series of prompts to confirm that you want to proceed with wiping the PC. Follow these carefully to start the process.

Upon completing these steps, your Windows 11 PC will reboot, and all your data will be wiped. The system will reinstall Windows 11, and your PC will be in a fresh, out-of-the-box state, ready for the new owner.

Tips for How to Wipe PC Before Selling Windows 11

  • Backup Important Data: Before you start, ensure that you have backed up any important files that you want to keep.
  • Sign Out of Accounts: Manually sign out of all accounts (Microsoft, email, etc.) to avoid any issues later.
  • Remove External Devices: Disconnect any external devices such as USB drives, printers, and external hard drives.
  • Check for Updates: Make sure your PC is up-to-date with the latest Windows updates before starting the reset process.
  • Full Wipe Option: Opt for the "Fully clean the drive" option during the reset for extra security, which takes longer but ensures no recoverable data is left.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data after a reset?

All your personal files, installed apps, and settings will be erased. The PC will be like new, with only the default Windows 11 system files.

Do I need to reinstall Windows 11 myself?

No, the reset process automatically reinstalls Windows 11 for you.

How long does it take to reset a PC?

The process can take from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on your system’s specifications and the chosen reset options.

Can I cancel the reset process once it starts?

No, once the process begins, it cannot be stopped. Ensure you are ready before confirming the reset.

Will this remove malware or viruses?

Yes, a full reset will remove any malware or viruses, giving the new owner a clean system.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Select Recovery.
  4. Click Reset PC.
  5. Choose Remove Everything.
  6. Confirm the Reset.


Wiping your PC before selling it ensures your personal data remains safe and provides the new owner with a clean slate. By following these simple steps within Windows 11, you can confidently reset your device. Remember to back up any important information and sign out of all your accounts beforehand. This not only protects your privacy but also helps in maintaining a smooth transition for the new user.

For those looking for more detailed guidance, numerous online resources and tutorials can offer further insights. So, whether you’re upgrading to a new device or simply selling an old one, knowing how to properly wipe your PC is crucial for maintaining your digital security. Happy selling!

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