How to Move a Table in Word: Step-by-Step Guide

Moving a table in Word might seem tricky at first, but it’s actually quite simple. Whether you want to shift its position on the page or move it to a different part of your document, the process is straightforward. After reading this quick overview, you’ll be well on your way to rearranging your tables without a hitch.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Move a Table in Word

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that moving a table in Word involves selecting it, cutting or copying it, and then pasting it in the desired location. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Select the Table

Click anywhere on the table you wish to move.

Selecting the table is the first step in the process. In Word, tables are treated as single objects, so clicking anywhere on the table should enable you to select the entire table. You’ll know the table is selected when you see a four-arrow move cursor appear at the top-left corner of the table.

Step 2: Cut or Copy the Table

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X to cut or Ctrl+C to copy the table.

After selecting the table, you can cut or copy it. Cutting the table will remove it from its current location, which is useful if you’re looking to move it entirely. Copying the table will leave the original in place, which is handy if you need the table in two locations.

Step 3: Paste the Table

Navigate to the new location and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste the table.

Once you’ve cut or copied the table, place your cursor where you’d like the table to go. Then, use the paste shortcut to insert the table. Keep in mind that pasting the table will place it in line with the text at the cursor’s location.

After completing these steps, you’ll find that the table has been successfully moved to the new location in your Word document. It’s a simple process that can greatly improve the layout and flow of your content.

Tips: Moving a Table in Word

  • Ensure that your cursor is placed outside the table before trying to select it.
  • If you’re having trouble selecting the table, look for the four-arrow move cursor at the top-left corner of the table.
  • Use the "Cut" option if you want to remove the table from its original location, and "Copy" if you want to keep it there.
  • Remember to place your cursor in the exact location where you want the table to appear before pasting.
  • You can also drag and drop the table to move it, but this method may be less precise than cutting and pasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move a table to a different page in the document?

Yes, you can move a table to a different page by cutting or copying it and then pasting it on the new page where you want it to appear.

What happens if I can’t select the table?

If you’re having trouble selecting the table, make sure your cursor is not inside a cell. Try clicking the move cursor at the top-left corner of the table.

Can I move a table in Word using the drag and drop method?

Yes, you can use the drag and drop method by clicking and holding the four-arrow move cursor and dragging the table to a new location.

What do I do if the table formatting changes after I move it?

If the table formatting changes, you can undo the action and try again, or adjust the formatting manually after moving the table.

How do I ensure that the text around the table adjusts properly after moving it?

To ensure that the text around the table adjusts properly, you may need to modify the text wrapping settings or adjust the paragraph formatting.


  1. Select the Table
  2. Cut or Copy the Table
  3. Paste the Table


So, there you have it – moving a table in Word is as easy as select, cut or copy, and paste. Who knew it could be that simple? Whether you’re organizing a research paper, spicing up a resume, or just trying to make your document look its best, knowing how to move a table in Word is a skill that will always come in handy. Just remember to select the table carefully, choose between cutting or copying, and paste it precisely where you need it. With this knowledge in your back pocket, you’ll be whipping your documents into shape in no time. And if you’re still feeling unsure, just give it a try – before you know it, moving tables will be second nature. Happy table moving!

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