How to Turn Off Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off Nightstand mode on your Apple Watch is a simple process. Just head into the Watch app on your iPhone, tap ‘General’, then ‘Nightstand Mode’, and toggle the switch to ‘off’. That’s it, you’re all done! Now, your watch won’t light up or display the time when it’s charging on your nightstand.

After you’ve turned off Nightstand Mode, your Apple Watch will no longer automatically display the time and date or the current charge level when it’s connected to the charger and resting on its side. This can help you avoid unwanted light in your room while you’re trying to sleep.


When the Apple Watch was first introduced, it came with a host of features designed to enhance user convenience. One such feature is the Nightstand Mode – a setting that allows your watch to act like a mini bedside clock when it’s charging. While this can be incredibly handy, displaying the time and your alarm with just a tap or when the alarm goes off, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you prefer a completely dark room to sleep in, or perhaps you find the constant display of time during the night distracting. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself wanting to disable the Nightstand Mode feature.

This topic is important because it addresses a common issue that Apple Watch users may encounter. The Nightstand Mode, while useful, can be a source of annoyance for some users, and knowing how to turn it off can enhance the personalization of their device. It is relevant to anyone who owns an Apple Watch and wants to customize their user experience to better suit their preferences and habits, especially those related to sleep.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Turn Off Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch

The steps below will guide you through turning off Nightstand Mode on your Apple Watch to ensure that you can sleep without any disturbance from your device.

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone to begin the process.

The Watch app is the control center for customizing and managing settings on your Apple Watch. Make sure that your watch is paired and connected to your iPhone before you attempt to make changes.

Step 2: Tap on ‘General’

Once you’re in the Watch app, tap on the ‘General’ option to access more settings.

‘General’ is where you can find a variety of settings that affect the overall function and behavior of your Apple Watch.

Step 3: Select ‘Nightstand Mode’

Scroll down until you see the ‘Nightstand Mode’ option, then select it.

This is the specific setting that controls whether or not your Apple Watch enters Nightstand Mode while charging.

Step 4: Toggle the switch to ‘Off’

You’ll see a switch next to Nightstand Mode. Toggle it to the ‘off’ position to disable the feature.

Turning this switch off ensures that your watch will no longer activate Nightstand Mode automatically.


Improved Sleep QualityTurning off Nightstand Mode can lead to better sleep quality as it prevents the Apple Watch from emitting light which can disrupt sleep.
Energy SavingDisabling the feature can contribute to energy saving since the watch’s screen will remain off when not in use.
Personal PreferenceIt allows users to have a more personalized experience with their Apple Watch as not everyone may want their watch to display the time at night.


InconvenienceIf you rely on your watch as a bedside clock, turning off Nightstand Mode means you’ll have to tap the screen or press a button to see the time.
Missed AlarmsThere’s a risk of missing alarms if you’re used to the watch face lighting up as an alarm indicator.
Habit AdjustmentUsers may need time to adjust their routines if they are accustomed to the automatic function of Nightstand Mode.

Additional Information

While turning off Nightstand Mode on your Apple Watch might seem like a minor tweak, it reflects the larger user-centric approach that Apple takes with its devices. The ability to customize and control how our devices interact with us, particularly in our private spaces like the bedroom, is a testament to the thoughtful design that goes into technology today. It’s also worth noting that when you turn off Nightstand Mode, other features of your Apple Watch remain unaffected.

Your alarm will still go off, and your watch will still charge as usual. Plus, if you ever change your mind, it’s just as easy to turn Nightstand Mode back on. Just follow the same steps and toggle the switch to ‘on’. Remember, all these settings are there to make life easier, so don’t be afraid to play around with them and make your Apple Watch work for you.


  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on ‘General’
  3. Select ‘Nightstand Mode’
  4. Toggle the switch to ‘Off’

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my alarm still go off if Nightstand Mode is turned off?

Yes, your alarm will still function normally even with Nightstand Mode turned off.

Can I still charge my Apple Watch with Nightstand Mode off?

Absolutely, your Apple Watch will charge the same way it always does.

Will disabling Nightstand Mode save battery life on my Apple Watch?

While the difference may be minimal, disabling Nightstand Mode could save some battery life since the screen won’t light up periodically through the night.

Can I turn Nightstand Mode back on if I change my mind?

Yes, you can easily turn Nightstand Mode back on by following the same steps and toggling the switch to ‘on’.

Does Nightstand Mode work in Do Not Disturb mode?

Yes, Nightstand Mode still functions when Do Not Disturb mode is activated on your Apple Watch.


At the end of the day, your Apple Watch is a personal device meant to be tailored to your individual needs, including how it behaves while charging at night. Whether Nightstand Mode is a helpful feature or an unnecessary distraction, you now have the knowledge to adjust it as you see fit.

Remember, technology is here to serve you, so don’t be shy about using it in ways that make your life easier and more comfortable. Keep exploring, keep customizing, and make your Apple Watch your own.

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