How to Copy Text from PDF to Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Copying text from a PDF to a Word document might seem like a task for tech wizards, but it’s actually pretty simple! In a nutshell, you’ll need to open the PDF, select the text you want to copy, and then paste it into a Word document. Voilà! You’ve successfully moved your text over. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how this magic happens, shall we?

Step by Step Tutorial: Copying Text from PDF to Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about why you might want to do this. Maybe you’ve got a PDF with some killer content that you need to edit or include in a Word document. Whatever the reason, following these steps will help you get the text where you need it.

Step 1: Open the PDF File

Open the PDF file that contains the text you want to copy.

When you’ve located the PDF file on your computer, double-click to open it. If you don’t have a PDF reader, you can download one for free online—Adobe Reader is a popular choice.

Step 2: Select the Text

Use your cursor to highlight the text you want to copy.

Click and drag your mouse over the text. Make sure you’ve got it all—nothing’s more frustrating than missing the last few words of a killer sentence!

Step 3: Copy the Text

Right-click on the highlighted text and select ‘Copy,’ or press ‘Ctrl+C’ on your keyboard.

This step is like copying text from anywhere else. Easy as pie, right? Just make sure you’ve selected all the text you want before you copy it.

Step 4: Open a Word Document

Open Microsoft Word or any other word processing program you prefer.

If you’ve already got a document you’re working on, great! If not, just open a new one.

Step 5: Paste the Text

Right-click in the Word document where you want the text to go and select ‘Paste,’ or press ‘Ctrl+V’ on your keyboard.

There you have it! The text from the PDF should now be in your Word document, ready for you to work your magic.

After completing these steps, the text you copied from the PDF file will be editable and formatted within your Word document. Now you can tweak, change, and use the text however you need to in your Word file.

Tips for Copying Text from PDF to Word

  • If the PDF is scanned or the text can’t be highlighted, you might need to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the image to text.
  • Ensure the PDF is not protected. If it is, you won’t be able to copy the text without the password.
  • Check the formatting after pasting. PDFs can have different formatting that might not translate perfectly to Word.
  • If you only need a snippet of text, consider taking a screenshot and using it as an image in your Word document.
  • For large amounts of text, consider using dedicated PDF conversion software or online services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy text from any PDF?

As long as the PDF is not protected and the text is not an image, you should be able to copy text from it.

Why isn’t the formatting the same in Word as it was in the PDF?

PDFs can contain complex formatting that doesn’t always match up with Word’s capabilities, so some adjustments may be necessary after pasting.

What is OCR software, and when would I need it?

OCR software converts images of text into actual text. You would need it if the PDF text can’t be highlighted because it’s an image.

What should I do if the PDF is protected?

You would need the password to unlock the PDF or permission from the document’s owner to copy the text.

Can I copy images from PDFs to Word the same way?

No, you would need to use the ‘Take a Snapshot’ feature in your PDF reader or take a screenshot and then insert it as an image in Word.


  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Select the text.
  3. Copy the text.
  4. Open a Word document.
  5. Paste the text.


So there you have it—a simple guide on how to copy text from pdf to word. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to snatch up valuable information from PDFs and transfer it to your Word documents with ease. Remember that while the process is usually straightforward, you may need to tweak the formatting a bit once you’ve pasted the text over. But don’t let that deter you; you’re now equipped to conquer any PDF-to-Word challenge that comes your way. And if you ever find yourself stumped or if the PDF is putting up a fight (hello, protected documents), there’s a whole internet of resources and tools at your service. Keep this guide handy, and happy copying!

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