How to Make Word Online Show Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you’re working in Word Online and need to see your document in pages rather than as one continuous scroll? No problem! In just a few easy steps, you can switch to page view, making your document easier to navigate and giving you a better sense of how it will look when printed or shared as a PDF.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make Word Online Show Pages

Before diving into the steps, let’s understand why showing pages in Word Online is beneficial. It helps with editing, formatting, and gives a clearer picture of the final output. Ready to get started?

Step 1: Open your document in Word Online

Open the document you want to view in pages.

Word Online automatically opens documents in Reading View, which doesn’t show pages. You need to switch to the editing mode to change the view.

Step 2: Go to the View tab

Click on the ‘View’ tab at the top of the page.

The View tab is where you can change how your document appears on the screen.

Step 3: Click on ‘Edit Document’

In the View tab, select ‘Edit Document’ and then choose ‘Edit in Word Online’.

‘Edit in Word Online’ will allow you to make changes to your document and alter the view settings.

Step 4: Select ‘Print Layout’

Once in editing mode, click on ‘Print Layout’ in the View tab.

‘Print Layout’ is the view that shows your document in pages, just like it will appear if printed.

After completing these steps, your document should now be displayed in pages. You’ll be able to see headers, footers, and how text flows from one page to the next.

Tips for Making Word Online Show Pages

  • Make sure you’re in editing mode, not just viewing the document.
  • If ‘Print Layout’ isn’t visible, try enlarging your browser window or zooming out to see more options in the View tab.
  • Use the zoom slider at the bottom-right of the screen to adjust how many pages you see at once.
  • Remember that page breaks in Word Online may look different than in the desktop version of Word.
  • To return to the continuous scrolling view, just click ‘Reading View’ in the View tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the ‘Print Layout’ option doesn’t appear?

Try adjusting your browser zoom or the size of your browser window. Sometimes the option is hidden if there’s not enough screen space.

Can I view multiple pages at once in ‘Print Layout’?

Yes, you can use the zoom slider at the bottom-right of the screen to zoom out and view multiple pages side by side.

Will changing the view to ‘Print Layout’ alter my document?

No, it won’t make any changes to the content or formatting of your document. It just changes how you view the document in Word Online.

Can I still edit my document in ‘Print Layout’ view?

Absolutely! You can edit your document just like you normally would.

Is ‘Print Layout’ available in Word Online for mobile browsers?

The layout options in Word Online may be limited on mobile browsers. For the best experience, use a desktop browser.


  1. Open your document in Word Online.
  2. Go to the View tab.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Document’.
  4. Select ‘Print Layout’.


Mastering how to make Word Online show pages can significantly improve your document editing and formatting experience. It allows you to view your work as it would appear on paper, which is particularly useful if you’re preparing a report, writing an essay, or drafting any document that requires precise layout and pagination.

Remember, the key to successfully switching to page view lies in accessing the View tab and selecting the ‘Print Layout’. Once you’re there, navigating through your document page by page becomes a breeze. Plus, you get to keep all the benefits of working online, such as real-time collaboration and auto-saving.

So next time you’re working on a Word document online, don’t get lost in the endless scroll. Switch to page view, organize your thoughts, and edit away with a clear view of your pages. Who knows, you might just find that it’s the missing piece in your productivity puzzle. Happy editing!

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