How to Paste Special in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pasting special in Word is a handy feature that allows you to control the format of the content you’re inserting into your document. This can include keeping the original formatting, merging formatting, or pasting as plain text. To paste special, you’ll need to access the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box in Word, which offers various options to suit your needs.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Paste Special in Word

Before you start, make sure you’ve copied the content you want to paste. This could be from another Word document, a webpage, or any other program.

Step 1: Open the ‘Paste Special’ Dialog Box

To open the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box, click on the ‘Home’ tab, then click on the small arrow under ‘Paste’, and choose ‘Paste Special’.

This will open a dialog box with various options for how you can paste your content.

Step 2: Choose Your Paste Option

In the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box, select the option that suits how you want the pasted content to appear. The options include ‘Keep Source Formatting’, ‘Merge Formatting’, and ‘Text Only’.

Each option affects your pasted content differently. ‘Keep Source Formatting’ maintains the original look of the content, ‘Merge Formatting’ will match the pasted content to the formatting of the destination document, and ‘Text Only’ strips all formatting.

Step 3: Click ‘OK’ to Paste

Once you’ve selected your desired option, click ‘OK’. Your content will be pasted into the document with the chosen formatting.

After you click ‘OK’, the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box will close, and the content will be inserted into your document, formatted as you chose.

After completing the steps, you’ll have pasted the content into your Word document with the specific formatting you selected. This allows for seamless integration of content from various sources without disrupting the overall design of your document.

Tips for Pasting Special in Word

  • Use ‘Keep Source Formatting’ when you want the pasted content to maintain its original look
  • Use ‘Merge Formatting’ to blend the pasted content with the formatting of your existing document
  • Use ‘Text Only’ if you want to paste the content without any formatting
  • Remember that you can access the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box using the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+V’
  • Experiment with different paste options to see which one works best for your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Paste Special’?

‘Paste Special’ is a feature in Word that gives you more control over how content is formatted when you paste it into your document.

Can I paste content from outside of Word using ‘Paste Special’?

Yes, you can use ‘Paste Special’ to paste content from other programs, like web browsers or Excel, into Word.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for ‘Paste Special’?

Yes, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+V’ to open the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box.

Will ‘Paste Special’ keep the original fonts and colors?

If you choose ‘Keep Source Formatting’, it will maintain the original fonts and colors of the pasted content.

Can I undo a ‘Paste Special’ action?

Yes, like any other action in Word, you can undo a ‘Paste Special’ action by pressing ‘Ctrl+Z’.


  1. Open the ‘Paste Special’ Dialog Box
  2. Choose Your Paste Option
  3. Click ‘OK’ to Paste


Mastering how to paste special in Word can drastically improve your document editing workflow. Whether you’re integrating data from a spreadsheet, merging text from a web page, or simply reformatting within Word itself, knowing how to paste special gives you the power to maintain consistency and professionalism in your documents. Remember to experiment with the different paste options to discover which one best aligns with your task at hand. With practice, you’ll find that pasting special becomes second nature, enhancing your productivity and the quality of your work. So next time you’re about to hit ‘Ctrl+V’, consider if ‘Paste Special’ could be the smarter move.

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