How to Right Click on a MacBook Air: A Step-by-Step Guide

Right-clicking on a MacBook Air may sound like a challenge, especially for those of us who are used to the conventional two-button mouse setup on a PC. However, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. To right-click on a MacBook Air, you can use a two-finger click on the trackpad, hold the ‘control’ key while clicking, or set up a corner of the trackpad to function as a right-click.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Right Click on a MacBook Air

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand why you might need to right-click. Right-clicking on a MacBook Air gives you access to contextual menus, which are shortcuts to various functions that depend on what you’re clicking on—like copying and pasting text, or opening a link in a new tab.

Step 1: Use a Two-Finger Click

Place two fingers on your MacBook Air’s trackpad and click.

Using a two-finger click is the most common method of right-clicking on a MacBook Air. It’s intuitive and quick, and it feels quite similar to using a traditional mouse. Just make sure your fingers are not too far apart, or the trackpad might not register them properly.

Step 2: Hold the ‘Control’ Key While Clicking

Press and hold the ‘control’ key, then click the trackpad with one finger.

This method is handy if you’re coming from a PC background and are more comfortable with keyboard shortcuts. Holding the ‘control’ key and clicking simulates a right-click and brings up the same contextual menus.

Step 3: Set up a Corner of the Trackpad

Go to System Preferences > Trackpad, and under the ‘Point & Click’ tab, enable ‘Secondary click’ with the setting ‘Click in bottom right corner’.

If you prefer dedicating a specific section of your trackpad for right-clicking, this option is for you. With this set up, you just need to click on the bottom right corner of the trackpad to right-click.

After you complete any of these actions, a contextual menu should appear on your screen, showing you various options that you can click on.

Tips for Right Clicking on a MacBook Air

  • Make sure your trackpad is clean and free from dirt, as this can affect its sensitivity.
  • Experiment with the three methods to find which one feels most natural for you.
  • Adjust the trackpad settings in System Preferences if the two-finger click isn’t working well.
  • Remember that you can also use an external mouse with a right-click button if you prefer.
  • If you’re using a MacBook Air with a Force Touch trackpad, you can also perform a ‘force click’ for additional options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I right-click using a trackpad gesture?

Yes, you can use a two-finger click or set up a corner of the trackpad for right-clicking in the trackpad settings.

What if I don’t have a trackpad?

If you’re using an external mouse, you can right-click just as you would on a PC.

Can I customize the right-click functions?

Absolutely, you can customize what appears in the contextual menus by going into System Preferences and adjusting the settings to your liking.

My two-finger click isn’t working. What can I do?

Go into your trackpad settings and make sure the ‘Secondary click’ option is enabled. You might also want to adjust the click pressure and tracking speed.

Can I still right-click if I’m using a MacBook Air with a non-Force Touch trackpad?

Yes, right-click functions are available regardless of whether your MacBook Air has a Force Touch trackpad or not.


  1. Use a two-finger click.
  2. Hold the ‘control’ key while clicking.
  3. Set up a corner of the trackpad to right-click.


Learning how to right-click on a MacBook Air opens up a whole new world of shortcuts and functionalities that can make your computing experience much more efficient. Whether you’re editing documents, browsing the web, or just organizing your files, knowing how to access contextual menus quickly is a game-changer. Remember, it’s all about finding what works best for you, so don’t be afraid to try out each method and tweak your settings until you’re comfortable. Before you know it, right-clicking will become second nature, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. So, go ahead and give it a try—your MacBook Air has a lot more to offer than meets the eye!

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