How to See When a Word Document Was Last Edited: A Quick Guide

Do you need to know when a Word document was last edited? It’s easier than you think! All you have to do is access the document’s properties and look for the "Last Modified" date. This quick overview should give you a clear idea of how to find this information.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to See When a Word Document was Last Edited

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. Following these instructions will allow you to find the "Last Modified" date, which tells you when the document was last edited.

Step 1: Open the Word Document

Open the Word document you want to check.

When you have the document open, you’re ready to start looking for the last edited date.

Step 2: Access the File Menu

Click on the "File" tab in the top-left corner of the Word document.

This will take you to a new screen where you can access a lot of different options and information about your document.

Step 3: Look for the Info Tab

In the File menu, click on the "Info" tab.

The Info tab is where you’ll find some important details about your document, including the date it was last modified.

Step 4: Find the Properties Section

In the Info tab, look for the "Properties" section on the right-hand side.

The Properties section will show you the "Last Modified" date, along with other details like the creation date and the author.

Step 5: Check the Last Modified Date

See the date listed next to "Last Modified" to find out when the document was last edited.

The last modified date will give you a clear idea of when the last changes were made to the document.

After completing these steps, you’ll know the last time someone made changes to the Word document. This can be particularly useful when you’re working on a shared document or need to verify when an update was made.

Tips: How to See When a Word Document was Last Edited

  • Always make sure your Word document is saved and closed properly to ensure the last modified date is accurate.
  • If you’re working with a shared document, ask other collaborators to save changes with a comment to keep a better track of edits.
  • Remember that the last modified date will update even with the slightest change, including formatting adjustments.
  • The last modified date may not reflect content edits if the document was copied and pasted from another file.
  • If you need a more detailed edit history, consider using the "Version History" feature if the document is stored on OneDrive or SharePoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Last Modified date?

The Last Modified date is quite accurate, as long as the document is saved properly after each edit.

Can I see who last edited the document?

Yes, if the document has been shared and edited by multiple users, you can often see the name of the person who made the last edit in the properties section.

What if my document is stored on OneDrive or SharePoint?

If your document is stored on OneDrive or SharePoint, you can use the "Version History" feature to see a more detailed history of edits.

Does the Last Modified date change if I only view the document?

No, viewing a document should not change the Last Modified date unless you accidentally make a change or trigger an autosave.

Can I trust the Last Modified date if the document was emailed to me?

Yes, but keep in mind that emailing a document can sometimes alter the last modified date to the time when the document was downloaded or saved from the email.


  1. Open the Word document you want to check.
  2. Click on the "File" tab.
  3. Access the "Info" tab.
  4. Look in the "Properties" section.
  5. Check the date next to "Last Modified".


Knowing how to see when a Word document was last edited can be a game-changer in many scenarios. Whether you’re trying to keep track of your own edits, collaborating with a team, or simply ensuring the integrity of your work, this feature serves as a reliable checkpoint. Remember, Word doesn’t just help you create content; it also helps you manage it effectively. With the steps and tips provided, you should have no problem verifying the last edit date of your documents. Keep in mind that technology is here to aid us in our daily tasks, and features like these are designed to make our work life more transparent and efficient. The next time you need to confirm the last edited date of a Word document, you’ll be well-prepared to do so.

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