How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Uninstalling Microsoft Office on Windows 11 is straightforward. First, go to the Settings app. Then, navigate to Apps and select the Apps & features section. Find Microsoft Office in the list of programs, click on it, and choose Uninstall. Follow the on-screen instructions, and Microsoft Office will be removed from your device.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Windows 11

This section will guide you through each step to completely remove Microsoft Office from your Windows 11 computer.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app on your computer.

Opening the Settings app is the first step. You can also access it by clicking on the Start menu and then selecting Settings from there.

Step 2: Navigate to Apps

Once in the Settings app, click on the Apps option.

After clicking on Apps, you will be directed to a new screen where you can manage all the applications installed on your system.

Step 3: Access Apps & Features

In the Apps section, click on Apps & Features.

The Apps & Features page lists all the apps installed on your computer, allowing you to manage or uninstall them.

Step 4: Locate Microsoft Office

Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find Microsoft Office.

Finding the program can be a bit tedious if you have many apps installed, but the search function will speed things up significantly.

Step 5: Click Uninstall

Once you’ve found Microsoft Office, click on it and then choose the Uninstall button.

This action will prompt a confirmation dialog to ensure you want to uninstall Microsoft Office. Confirm to proceed.

Step 6: Follow On-Screen Instructions

A new window will pop up with instructions to finalize the uninstallation. Follow these prompts.

These instructions might vary slightly depending on your version of Microsoft Office, but they are generally straightforward. Just click Next, and the uninstallation process will complete.

After you complete these steps, Microsoft Office will be removed from your Windows 11 computer. This action will free up storage space and eliminate any unnecessary clutter from your device.

Tips for Uninstalling Microsoft Office on Windows 11

  • Backup Important Files: Before uninstalling, make sure to backup any important documents you created using Microsoft Office.
  • Use Search Function: Utilize the search bar in the Apps & Features section to quickly locate Microsoft Office.
  • Check for Residual Files: After uninstalling, check for any leftover files in the Program Files directory and delete them.
  • Restart Your Computer: Restart your device to ensure all components of Microsoft Office are completely removed.
  • Consider Alternatives: If you need a different office suite, consider installing alternatives like Google Docs or LibreOffice.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Windows 11

Can I reinstall Microsoft Office after uninstalling it?

Yes, you can reinstall Microsoft Office anytime by downloading it from the official website and following the installation instructions.

Will uninstalling Microsoft Office delete my files?

No, uninstalling Microsoft Office will not delete any of your personal files. However, it’s always a good idea to back them up just in case.

How long does it take to uninstall Microsoft Office?

The uninstallation process usually takes just a few minutes but can vary depending on your system speed.

Do I need to deactivate my Microsoft Office license before uninstalling?

No, you do not need to deactivate your license before uninstalling. Your license can be used to reinstall Microsoft Office later.

Will uninstalling Microsoft Office remove Outlook emails?

No, uninstalling Microsoft Office will not delete your Outlook emails. Your emails are stored on the server and will be accessible when you reinstall Outlook.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Apps.
  3. Access Apps & Features.
  4. Locate Microsoft Office.
  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions.


Uninstalling Microsoft Office on Windows 11 is a simple and effective way to declutter your system and free up valuable storage space. Whether you’re switching to a different office suite or simply no longer need the software, following the steps outlined in this guide will help you remove Microsoft Office without a hitch.

Don’t forget to back up any important documents before you start the process, and utilize the search function within Apps & Features to speed up your task. It’s also a good idea to restart your computer afterward to ensure all components are fully removed.

If you have any lingering questions or run into issues during the uninstallation, refer back to our FAQ section or look up additional resources for further assistance. Happy computing!

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