How to Delete a Voice Memo on an iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deleting a voice memo on an iPhone 14 is a simple process. It requires opening the Voice Memos app, selecting the memo you wish to delete, and then hitting the “Delete” option. You can also use the “Edit” function for multiple deletions. After reading this brief overview, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to get rid of unwanted recordings.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete a Voice Memo on an iPhone 14

Deleting a voice memo from your iPhone 14 is easy and straightforward. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone 14.

Open the Voice Memos app by tapping on its icon. It’s the one with a waveform graphic on it. If you can’t find it, swipe down on your home screen and use the search bar to locate the app.

Step 2: Locate the memo you want to delete.

Scroll through the list of voice memos until you find the one that you want to delete. You might have to listen to a few if you haven’t labeled them.

Step 3: Swipe left on the memo.

Gently swipe left on the voice memo that you want to remove. This action will reveal a few options next to the memo.

Step 4: Tap on the “Delete” button.

Tap the red “Delete” button that appears to the right of the voice memo. Be sure you want to delete it as this action cannot be undone.

After you complete these steps, the voice memo will be removed from your iPhone 14. It will no longer take up space, and you won’t be able to play it back. Remember, once a voice memo is deleted, it’s gone for good, so make sure you really don’t need it before hitting that delete button.

Tips for Managing Voice Memos on an iPhone 14

  • Regularly review your voice memos to keep them organized and delete any that are no longer needed.
  • Label your voice memos with descriptive titles to make it easier to find them later.
  • Use the “Edit” option to select and delete multiple memos at once.
  • Back up important voice memos to another device or cloud service before deleting them.
  • Consider using folders in the Voice Memos app to categorize your recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover a deleted voice memo?

Once a voice memo is deleted from your iPhone 14, it cannot be recovered. It’s permanently removed from your device.

Is there a limit to how many voice memos I can have?

There’s no set limit to the number of voice memos you can have, but keep in mind that they do take up storage space on your device.

Can I delete voice memos from the lock screen?

No, you cannot delete voice memos from the lock screen. You need to unlock your iPhone 14 and open the Voice Memos app to delete them.

How can I free up space if I have a lot of voice memos?

Consider transferring your voice memos to a computer or cloud service and then delete them from your iPhone to free up space.

Can I share a voice memo before deleting it?

Yes, you can share a voice memo via text, email, or airdrop before deleting it from your iPhone 14.


  1. Open the Voice Memos app.
  2. Find the memo you want to delete.
  3. Swipe left on the memo.
  4. Tap the “Delete” button.


Deleting a voice memo on an iPhone 14 is a breeze once you know the steps. Whether you’re tidying up your recording list or just need to free up some extra space, getting rid of those unneeded memos is quick and easy. Just remember that once a memo is gone, it’s gone for good, so make sure you’re ready to part ways with that recording. With your new knowledge on how to delete a voice memo, your iPhone 14 will be more organized, and you’ll have more space for new, important recordings. Happy decluttering!

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