How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deleting apps on your iPhone 8 is a simple process that can help free up storage space, declutter your home screen, and improve the performance of your device. After completing this action, the app will no longer be available on your iPhone, and you will need to reinstall it from the App Store if you want to use it again in the future.


Ever find yourself scrolling through pages of apps on your iPhone 8, wondering why you even installed half of them? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a game that you’ve lost interest in or a productivity app that didn’t quite live up to the hype, sometimes it’s time to say goodbye. This is where the art of app deletion comes into play, and it’s a pretty handy skill to have.

Not only does it help keep your iPhone organized, but it can also free up precious storage space. Plus, let’s be honest, there’s something deeply satisfying about getting rid of digital clutter. So, if you’re ready to break up with some of your apps, you’re in the right place. This guide is for anyone who wants to streamline their iPhone 8 usage and optimize their device for a better overall experience. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of deleting those apps!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

Before we dig into the steps, let’s establish what we’re aiming to achieve here. App deletion is all about reclaiming space and minimizing distractions. By the end of this process, your iPhone 8 will be free from the apps you no longer need or want.

Step 1: Locate the App

Tap and hold the app icon you wish to delete until it starts wiggling.

Holding down the app will activate the “jiggle mode,” which is Apple’s way of indicating that you can now move or delete apps. Look for the small “x” that appears on the top left corner of the app icon.

Step 2: Delete the App

Tap the “x” on the app you want to delete, then confirm by tapping “Delete” in the pop-up window.

When you tap “Delete,” you’re not just removing the app from your home screen; you’re also deleting all of its data from your iPhone 8. This means any saved information within the app will be lost unless it’s stored in the cloud or backed up elsewhere.

Step 3: Exit Jiggle Mode

Press the “Home” button to exit jiggle mode and return to normal use.

Pressing the “Home” button will solidify your changes and stop the wiggling of the apps. Your home screen will be updated, and the deleted app will no longer be in sight.


Frees Up Storage SpaceDeleting apps can help clear up storage space that can be used for other purposes like photos, videos, or new apps.
Reduces ClutterWith fewer apps on the home screen, it’s easier to find and access the apps you actually use.
Improves PerformanceHaving fewer apps can lead to better performance as there are fewer background processes running.


Loss of DataDeleting an app also deletes its data, which might be unrecoverable if not backed up.
InconvenienceIf you decide you need the app later, you’ll have to go through the process of reinstalling it.
Update LossIf the app is no longer available on the App Store, you might not be able to get it back after deletion.

Additional Information

When deleting apps on your iPhone 8, it’s important to remember that some pre-installed Apple apps cannot be removed. So, if you’re tapping away at the Stocks app and wondering why there’s no “x,” that’s why. Also, if you have any concerns about losing app data, consider whether the app syncs its data to the cloud (like most do these days) or whether you need to back it up manually before hitting delete.

For parents with tech-savvy kids, be aware that you can also disable the ability to delete apps in the “Screen Time” settings, which can be useful for maintaining control over which apps remain on their devices. Lastly, after deleting apps, you might notice your iPhone running smoother and your battery lasting longer—fewer apps mean fewer processes eating up your iPhone’s resources. Keep this in mind as a bonus tip!


  1. Locate the app by tapping and holding until it starts jiggling.
  2. Delete the app by tapping the “x” and confirming the deletion.
  3. Exit jiggle mode by pressing the “Home” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete multiple apps at once?

No, you must delete apps one at a time on the iPhone 8.

What happens to the data within the deleted apps?

The data is also deleted unless it’s stored in the cloud or backed up.

Can I recover a deleted app?

Yes, as long as it’s still available on the App Store, you can re-download it.

Will I have to pay for an app again if I reinstall it?

No, once you’ve purchased an app, you can reinstall it for free.

Can I delete pre-installed Apple apps?

Some can be deleted, but others, like the App Store and Camera, cannot.


Mastering how to delete apps on your iPhone 8 is a valuable lesson in digital housekeeping. It’s an easy way to ensure your device remains spry, organized, and tailored just for you. But remember, with great deleting power comes great responsibility.

Always double-check before you hit that “x” and consider backing up important data. Your iPhone 8 is a powerful tool, and keeping it clutter-free means you can make the most out of the tech in your pocket. Happy app-clearing!

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