iOS 17 Guide: How to Name a Group Text on iPhone

Naming a group text on iPhone is a breeze with iOS 17. Simply open the group message, tap on the group icon at the top, select “Info,” and then hit “Change Name and Photo.” Type in your desired group name and voila – you’ve personalized your group chat!

After naming your group text, it will be easier to identify and find in your Messages app. The name you choose will appear at the top of the chat screen and in your list of conversations.

You can also watch this video about how to name a group text on iPhone for additional info.


Group texting on iPhones is not just a feature, it’s a lifeline for staying connected with family, friends, or colleagues. Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party, coordinating a work project, or just keeping up with your closest pals, group texts help keep everyone on the same page. But when you’re a part of multiple group chats, things can quickly get confusing. That’s where the ability to name a group text comes in handy – it’s a simple yet game-changing feature for anyone who relies heavily on texting for communication.

With the release of iOS 17, iPhone users have been granted even more control over their messaging experience. The ability to name a group text is one such feature that has been welcomed with open arms. It’s not only about organization but also personalization, making each group chat feel like its own unique space. This is especially relevant in a world where digital communication often replaces face-to-face interactions. By naming your group texts, you’re creating a more intimate and recognizable chat environment for everyone involved.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Name a Group Text on iPhone

Before diving into the steps, let’s quickly understand what we’re about to achieve. Naming your group text will help in differentiating between multiple chats, give a unique identity to your group conversation, and allow for a more personal and organized messaging experience.

Step 1: Open the group message

Open the Messages app and select the group chat you wish to name.

This is the starting point; make sure you’re in the right chat before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Tap on the group icon

At the top of the group message, you’ll find an icon representing the group chat – tap on it.

This will lead you to more options and details about your group chat.

Step 3: Select “Info”

After tapping the group icon, several options will pop up. Click on “Info” to proceed.

This section gives you details about the group members and other settings.

Step 4: Tap “Change Name and Photo”

Within the “Info” page, you’ll find the “Change Name and Photo” option – select it.

This is where you can add a touch of creativity to your group chat.

Step 5: Enter your desired group name

Type in the name you want your group text to have and press done.

Choose a name that’s unique and easily recognizable by all group members.


OrganizationGiving your group text a specific name helps in keeping your chats organized. No more scrolling through endless “unnamed” group chats to find the one you’re looking for.
PersonalizationA group name can reflect the purpose of the chat or the relationship between members. It adds a personal touch and can make the chat feel more intimate.
EfficiencyWith named group chats, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with the right people without the risk of sending messages to the wrong group.


Limited CreativityDepending on the group’s size, the name might be cut off or abbreviated in the chat list, limiting your creativity.
ConfusionIf not everyone agrees on the name or you change it frequently, it could cause confusion among the group members.
NotificationsIf you have many named groups, notifications might become overwhelming, especially if they all start buzzing at once.

Additional Information

While the process of naming a group text on iPhone with iOS 17 is simple, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, all members of the group chat will see the new name, so it’s essential to choose something appropriate and agreed upon by everyone involved. Also, you can only name group iMessage conversations; SMS/MMS group threads don’t support this feature.

A creative group name can set the tone for the conversations that follow. Think of something fun and relevant to the group’s purpose. Emojis can also be added to the name for an extra layer of personalization. It’s worth noting that when you name a group text, it’s not set in stone. You can change it as often as you like, though it’s best not to do this too frequently to avoid confusion.

In the era of remote work and social distancing, having a named group text for work teams or social circles is incredibly beneficial. It helps maintain a sense of community and keeps communication streamlined.


  1. Open the group message.
  2. Tap on the group icon.
  3. Select “Info.”
  4. Tap “Change Name and Photo.”
  5. Enter your desired group name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I name a group text with non-iPhone users?

No, the group naming feature is only available for iMessage groups, not for SMS/MMS group texts that include non-iPhone users.

Will changing the group name send a notification to all members?

Yes, all members will receive a notification informing them that the group name has been changed.

What if a member of the group chat doesn’t have iOS 17?

Group names will only be visible to those who have updated their iPhone to iOS 17. Others will not see the group name change.

Can I use emojis in the group name?

Absolutely! Emojis can be a fun addition to your group name and help it stand out.

Is there a limit to how often I can change a group name?

No, you can change the group name as many times as you want, but frequent changes may confuse group members.


Group texts are an integral part of our digital lives, and with iOS 17, naming them has never been easier. This feature not only brings a sense of organization and efficiency to our messaging habits but also allows us to inject a bit of personality into our everyday conversations. Whether it’s a group of lifelong friends or a temporary project team, a named group text creates a sense of unity and purpose.

Remember to choose a name that resonates with every member and reflects the essence of your group. It’s these small details that can make our digital interactions a little more human. So go ahead, name that group text, and watch your iPhone messaging experience transform.

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