iOS 17: How to Change a Contact Picture on iPhone Easily

Changing a contact picture on your iPhone is a simple process that adds a personal touch to your phonebook. In just a few taps, you can select a photo from your library or take a new one to associate with any contact. After this quick change, you’ll see your chosen image every time that person calls or texts.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Changing a Contact Picture on iPhone

Before diving into the steps, know that changing a contact picture can help you recognize who’s calling or messaging at a glance. It’s a convenient and fun way to customize your contact list.

Step 1: Open Contacts App

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone or go to the Contacts tab in the Phone app.

The Contacts app is your gateway to personalizing your digital phonebook. Make sure you have the photo you want to use saved on your device before starting.

Step 2: Select a Contact

Choose the contact for which you want to change the picture.

Scroll through your contacts or use the search bar at the top to quickly find the person you’re looking for.

Step 3: Tap Edit

Tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the contact’s details page.

This will allow you to make changes to the contact’s information, including their photo.

Step 4: Tap Add Photo

If the contact doesn’t already have a photo, tap “add photo.” If they do, tap the existing photo.

This step will open your iPhone’s photo selection options where you can choose a new picture.

Step 5: Choose or Take a Photo

Select a photo from your library or take a new one using your camera.

If you’re choosing from your library, you can browse your albums or use the search feature to find the perfect image. If you’re taking a new photo, make sure it’s well-lit and centered.

Step 6: Adjust and Set the Photo

Move and scale the photo as needed, then tap Choose or Use Photo.

Use your fingers to zoom in or out, and drag the photo to position it perfectly within the circle.

Step 7: Tap Done

After setting the photo, tap Done to save the changes.

You’ll find the Done button in the top-right corner. Once tapped, the contact’s new photo will be saved and visible in your contacts list.

After completing these steps, the new contact picture will be visible every time that person calls, texts, or when you browse your contacts. It’s a small change that makes your interactions more personal and visually appealing.

Tips for Changing a Contact Picture on iPhone

  • Ensure your iPhone’s software is updated to the latest version to avoid any glitches.
  • Choose a clear, focused photo that makes the contact easily recognizable.
  • Consider the background of the photo to ensure it’s not too busy or distracting.
  • If you’re taking a new photo, aim for good lighting to get the best quality.
  • Remember that you can change the contact photo as often as you like, so have fun with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a contact picture on my iPhone?

To remove a contact’s photo, follow the same steps to edit the contact, then tap “Edit” below the contact’s photo and select “Delete Photo.”

Can I set the same picture for multiple contacts?

Yes, you can use the same photo for as many contacts as you’d like by repeating the steps for each individual contact.

Will the contact know I’ve changed their picture?

No, the contact won’t be notified. The changes you make to the contact picture are only visible on your device.

Can I use a video instead of a photo for a contact picture?

No, currently, you can only set a still photo as a contact picture on your iPhone.

If I change my mind, can I revert to the original photo?

If the original photo is still in your library, you can simply follow the steps again to set it back. There’s no automatic revert option.


  1. Open the Contacts app or Contacts tab in Phone app.
  2. Select the desired contact.
  3. Tap the Edit button.
  4. Tap “add photo” or the existing photo.
  5. Choose a new photo or take one.
  6. Adjust and set the photo.
  7. Tap Done to save changes.


Setting a contact picture on your iPhone is a breeze, and it breathes life into your contacts list. With ios 17, the process remains intuitive, allowing you to customize how you identify your friends, family, and colleagues with just a few taps. Whether you prefer a snapshot from your last adventure together or a professional headshot, the choice is yours, and the steps are the same. So go ahead, give it a try and make your phonebook as unique as the people in it. And remember, if you ever get tired of a particular photo, revisiting these steps will let you switch things up in no time.

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