How to Merge Duplicate Contacts iPhone Guide

Have you ever added multiple email accounts to your iPhone only to find that many of the contacts are the same?

You may have already started to go through and try to get rid of your duplicate contacts by hand, but it could take a really long time if you have a lot of them.

Luckily when you follow our merge duplicate contacts iPhone guide below, you can quickly get rid of these duplicate iPhone contacts without having to download any new third-party applications or use a Web browser to manage your stuff in iCloud.

How to Easily Combine Multiple iPhone Contacts

  1. Find and open the Contacts app.
  2. Touch View Duplicates under your contact card.
  3. Tap Merge All to merge your duplicate contacts.

For more information, including pictures of these steps, keep reading our merge duplicate contacts iPhone guide below.

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If your iPhone has multiple contact listings that are actually for the same person, it can get a little confusing to scroll through your iPhone’s contacts list.

This is especially clear if you have had trouble finding a contact in the past and have decided to go through your contacts list and take care of the duplicate situation that you have.

People often wind up with duplicate contacts because they save them under slightly different names or because the same contact information is linked to multiple accounts that they have configured when they want to view the email messages from those accounts.

You can quickly merge all of the duplicate contacts that the iPhone finds with the default Contacts app. Our merge duplicate contacts iPhone steps below will show you how.

How to Join Multiple Duplicate iPhone Contacts into One Contact Card (Guide with Pictures)

An iPhone 13 with the iOS 16 operating system was used to write the steps in the section below.

Step 1: Start by opening the Contacts app.

launch the Contacts app

Remember that you need the dedicated “Contacts” app to do this.

The Contacts tab of the Phone app won’t give you the option you need to finish this task.

Most likely, the Contacts app is in a folder called “Extras” on the second Home screen. If it’s not on your main Home screen, just swipe to the left to find it.

You can also look for “contacts” by tapping the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, then entering the app name into the search field at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Tap the link that says View Duplicates below your contact card at the top of the contacts list.

choose View duplicates

Step 3: Tap the Merge All button at the bottom of the screen to combine the duplicate contacts into a single contact card.

how to merge duplicate contacts iPhone

You can also use the Ignore All button if you change your mind and want to keep the duplicated contacts.

While the merge duplicate contacts iPhone steps above are useful when you have a lot of duplicate contacts to fix, you can also use this tool to merge a single contact.

To accomplish this, tap on a name to see the contact cards for that person.

If you only want to merge this one person or don’t want to merge all of your contacts at once, you can tap on each individual contact and then tap the Merge button at the bottom of that contact page.

If you know how to merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone, it will be easier to look through your list of contacts because you won’t keep seeing the same person’s name (or slight variations of their name) more than once.

Why would I want to combine my iPhone contacts?

One of the main reasons to merge iPhone contacts is that it lets you create a single, up-to-date contact for a person or company that you may have linked to multiple phone numbers or email addresses on your device.

By combining these separate contact cards for the same person, you can make it easier to find and get in touch with the people you need to and keep your contacts better organized.

Also, if you get rid of duplicate contact cards from your list, you can save space on your phone and make it easier to find the people you need to call or text.

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