iOS 17: How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone – A Guide

Accidentally deleted a message on your iPhone and now you’re scrambling to get it back? Fear not! Recovering deleted messages on iOS 17 is simpler than you might expect. All you need is to navigate to the recently deleted messages feature, select the messages you want to recover, and voila – they’re back!

After you complete the action of recovering deleted messages, they will reappear in your messaging app as if they were never gone. Any attachments that were part of the messages will also be restored, ensuring you don’t lose any important information or memories.

You can also check out this video about how to recover deleted messages on iPhone for more information.


Imagine this: You’re going through your messages, trying to clear up some space on your iPhone, and then it happens. Amidst your digital spring cleaning, that important message – maybe it was from a loved one or contained critical information for work – is now gone. Deleted. Poof! Before you descend into panic mode, let me assure you that there’s a solution, and it’s built right into the latest iOS 17.

This topic is critical because our messages often hold more than idle chit-chat. They contain photos, videos, addresses, and sometimes even password resets or verification codes. In the fast-paced digital world where data is king, losing messages can mean more than a minor inconvenience; it can pose a significant disruption to our day-to-day life or work. Whether you’re a tech-savvy teenager, a busy professional, or someone who relies heavily on their iPhone for personal communication, knowing how to recover deleted messages is a valuable skill.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Recover Deleted Messages on iOS 17

This section will guide you through the steps to recover deleted messages on iOS 17, ensuring you can restore those important texts that vanished.

Step 1: Open the Messages app

Open the Messages app on your iPhone.

When you launch the Messages app, it usually takes you to the main conversation screen. From here, you’ll be starting the process to retrieve those precious texts.

Step 2: Go to the Recently Deleted folder

Navigate to the “Edit” option in the top corner and select “Recently Deleted.”

iOS 17 has a nifty feature called “Recently Deleted,” where messages that have been deleted reside for a period before they’re permanently purged from your device. Think of it as a safety net for your conversations.

Step 3: Select the messages you want to recover

Choose the messages or conversations you wish to restore.

In the Recently Deleted folder, you’ll find the messages you’ve deleted within the past 30 days. Take a moment to browse through and select the ones you need back.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Recover’

After selecting the messages, tap on the ‘Recover’ button to restore them to your main message list.

Once you tap ‘Recover,’ the messages will be salvaged and placed back into your main chat history, attachments, and all. It’s like turning back the clock on your digital mishap.


Simple ProcessThe process to recover deleted messages is straightforward and user-friendly.
No need for third-party softwareiOS 17 eliminates the need to download potentially untrustworthy third-party apps to retrieve deleted messages.
Immediate restorationRecovered messages are restored instantly, reducing downtime and stress associated with the loss of important information.

The simplicity of the process means that anyone, regardless of their technical prowess, can perform it without hassle. This is a huge plus for those of us who aren’t exactly tech wizards.

Eliminating the need for third-party software not only streamlines the process but also ensures that you’re not exposing your device to unnecessary risks like malware or privacy breaches.

The immediate restoration of messages ensures that you can continue your conversations or retrieve important information without any significant delay.


Time-sensitiveMessages are only recoverable within 30 days of deletion, after which they are permanently removed.
Limited to iOS 17This feature is only available on iOS 17, so users with earlier versions of iOS cannot take advantage of it.
Potential for data lossIf the deletion occurred due to a malfunction or a larger issue with the iPhone, some data might still be lost despite recovery attempts.

The time-sensitive nature of the Recently Deleted folder means you do need to act relatively quickly to ensure your messages aren’t lost forever.

Those who haven’t updated to iOS 17 or are using devices that aren’t compatible with the new operating system will unfortunately miss out on this beneficial feature.

While the recovery process is robust, it’s not foolproof. If there was a significant technical issue that caused the deletion, there is still a chance some messages can’t be recovered.

Video About Recovering Messages

Additional Information

When it comes to managing and recovering your data, the adage “better safe than sorry” rings true. Beyond recovering deleted messages on iOS 17, it’s wise to regularly back up your iPhone either to iCloud or your computer. This habit ensures that even if messages are deleted and can’t be retrieved from the Recently Deleted folder, there’s still a safety net in place.

It’s also important to note that messages may not always be deleted on purpose. Sometimes software updates or syncing issues can result in lost data. If you find that messages are disappearing without your input, it may be worth looking into potential causes like settings that need adjustment or software bugs.

Remember that while iOS 17 provides a convenient way to recover deleted messages, the best defense against data loss is a good offense. Be mindful of your deletions, and when in doubt, back it up!


  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Navigate to the “Edit” option and select “Recently Deleted.”
  3. Choose the messages you wish to restore.
  4. Tap on ‘Recover’ to restore them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover messages that were deleted more than 30 days ago?

No, messages that have been deleted for more than 30 days are permanently removed and cannot be recovered through the Recently Deleted folder.

Do I need an internet connection to recover deleted messages?

You do not need an internet connection to recover messages from the Recently Deleted folder, as this is managed locally on your device.

Can I recover deleted messages if I don’t have iOS 17?

If you do not have iOS 17, you may need to use a backup to recover deleted messages or rely on third-party software, which is not recommended due to security concerns.

Will recovering messages also restore their attachments?

Yes, when you recover a message, any associated attachments that were deleted along with it will also be restored.

Is there a way to permanently delete messages so they can’t be recovered?

Yes, messages can be permanently deleted from the Recently Deleted folder by selecting them and choosing the option to delete them permanently.


In the digital age, our messages can carry significant weight, whether they’re heartfelt exchanges with loved ones, critical business communications, or irreplaceable memories. That’s why knowing how to recover deleted messages on iOS 17 is more than just a neat party trick – it’s a lifeline in our interconnected world.

As devices and operating systems like iOS 17 continue to evolve, features like Recently Deleted become invaluable tools for managing our digital lives. So, the next time you face the digital abyss of a deleted message, remember: recovery is just a few taps away.

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