How to Enable High Contrast Mode in Windows 11 for Better Visibility

Enabling high contrast mode in Windows 11 is like giving your eyes a vacation. Imagine turning the blaring lights down to a warm, cozy glow. It’s perfect for those who find the usual display too bright or hard to read. And guess what? It’s super easy to do. In just a few clicks, you can switch to high contrast mode and make your screen more comfortable for your eyes. Let’s dive into how you can do this!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Enable High Contrast Mode in Windows 11

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Enabling high contrast mode will change the colors on your screen to make text and apps easier to see. It’s especially helpful if you have a visual impairment or if you prefer a screen with more contrast.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

To kick things off, click on the Start menu and select the gear-shaped Settings app icon.

The Settings app is your go-to place for tweaking your Windows 11 settings. It’s like the control room of your PC where you can make all sorts of changes to how your computer looks and behaves.

Step 2: Access the Accessibility Settings

Once in the Settings app, click on ‘Accessibility’ from the sidebar to find the options we need.

The Accessibility section is the hub for all settings that make your computer easier to use, including those for vision, hearing, and interaction.

Step 3: Select the Contrast Themes Option

In the Accessibility settings, look for the ‘Contrast themes’ option and click on it.

Contrast themes are pre-set high contrast color schemes that Windows has created for you. You can choose one that suits your eyes best.

Step 4: Choose Your High Contrast Theme

You’ll see a dropdown menu with different high contrast themes. Click on it and select the one you like.

There are four default themes to choose from, and each has a unique combination of colors.

Step 5: Apply the High Contrast Theme

After selecting your theme, click on the ‘Apply’ button to enable high contrast mode.

Once you hit ‘Apply’, your screen will instantly switch to the high contrast colors. It’s that simple!

After completing these steps, your screen will have a brand new look with colors that pop and text that’s easier to read. You’ll notice that everything from your desktop to your web browser has changed to fit the high contrast theme you selected. If you ever want to go back to the regular display, just follow the same steps and choose ‘None’ in the high contrast themes dropdown menu.

Tips for High Contrast Mode in Windows 11

  • Experiment with different high contrast themes to find the one that’s most comfortable for your eyes.
  • Remember, the high contrast mode will affect all apps and programs on your PC, so some might look different than you’re used to.
  • If you’re using a browser, keep in mind that some web pages might not support high contrast mode and could appear differently.
  • You can create your own high contrast theme by customizing the colors if the defaults don’t suit you.
  • High contrast mode is also helpful if you’re in a bright environment, as it can reduce glare and make your screen easier to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my own high contrast theme?

Absolutely! If the default themes don’t tickle your fancy, you can mix and match colors to create a theme that’s uniquely yours.

Will high contrast mode work on all my apps?

Most apps will work just fine with high contrast mode, but there might be a few exceptions, especially with older software.

Is high contrast mode suitable for gaming?

It depends on the game. Some games have their own high contrast settings, while others might not look right with Windows’ high contrast mode enabled.

Can I use high contrast mode with multiple monitors?

Yes, high contrast mode will apply to all the monitors connected to your PC.

Will enabling high contrast mode affect my PC’s performance?

Not at all! High contrast mode is purely a visual change and has no impact on your PC’s speed or performance.


  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Access the Accessibility Settings
  3. Select the Contrast Themes Option
  4. Choose Your High Contrast Theme
  5. Apply the High Contrast Theme


Enabling high contrast mode in Windows 11 is a game-changer for visual comfort and accessibility. It’s a simple adjustment that can make a world of difference in reducing eye strain and making your PC more user-friendly. Whether you’re someone with a visual impairment, someone who spends long hours in front of a screen, or if you just prefer bolder colors, this feature is definitely worth trying out. So go ahead, take the plunge into a more vibrant and comfortable digital world. Your eyes will thank you! And remember, if you ever feel like switching back or trying a different theme, it’s just a few clicks away. Happy computing!

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