How to Turn Off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11 can be super simple if you know the right steps. In just a few clicks, you can disable the antivirus temporarily, which is helpful when you’re installing new software or doing tasks that require the antivirus to be off. Below, you’ll find a detailed step-by-step guide to get the job done.

How to Turn Off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11

This section will guide you through the steps to temporarily turn off McAfee Antivirus on your Windows 11 computer. Following these steps will help you disable the antivirus without uninstalling it.

Step 1: Open McAfee Application

Go to the Start Menu and click on the McAfee icon to open the application.

Opening the McAfee application is the first step. You can find the icon either on your desktop or in the list of applications in the Start Menu.

Step 2: Access Settings

Once McAfee is open, look for the settings icon or tab and click on it.

The settings icon is usually represented by a gear symbol and is located at the top or side of the McAfee interface. Clicking it will open a menu with multiple options.

Step 3: Real-Time Scanning

In the settings menu, find and click on "Real-Time Scanning."

Real-Time Scanning is the feature that constantly checks for threats. Disabling it will turn off the antivirus protection temporarily.

Step 4: Turn Off Real-Time Scanning

Click the toggle button to turn off Real-Time Scanning.

You’ll see a toggle switch or button that you can click to disable Real-Time Scanning. McAfee might ask you how long you want to keep the feature turned off.

Step 5: Confirm Your Action

Select the duration you want to keep the Real-Time Scanning off and confirm your action.

You can choose from various durations like 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even permanently until you turn it back on. Make sure to confirm your choice.

Once you’ve completed these steps, McAfee Antivirus will be temporarily disabled, allowing you to perform tasks that require the antivirus to be off.

Tips for Turning Off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11

  • Check Before Disabling: Ensure the task you’re about to perform requires the antivirus to be turned off.
  • Use a Timer: Set a timer to remind you to turn the antivirus back on for continuous protection.
  • Stay Offline: If possible, disconnect from the internet while the antivirus is off to reduce risk.
  • Backup Data: Always back up important data before turning off your antivirus.
  • Temporary Disabling: Opt for temporary disabling options rather than turning it off indefinitely.

FAQs on How to Turn Off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11

How do I turn McAfee back on?

Simply open the McAfee application, go to the settings, and enable Real-Time Scanning again.

Is it safe to turn off McAfee temporarily?

Turning it off temporarily is generally safe if you follow precautions such as staying offline and completing the task quickly.

Can I uninstall McAfee instead of turning it off?

Yes, you can uninstall McAfee, but it’s better to disable it temporarily unless you have another antivirus ready to install.

What happens if I forget to turn McAfee back on?

Your computer will be vulnerable to threats. Set a reminder to ensure you turn the antivirus back on.

Can I schedule McAfee to turn off and on automatically?

McAfee doesn’t offer a scheduling feature for turning off and on, so you’ll have to do it manually.


  1. Open McAfee Application
  2. Access Settings
  3. Real-Time Scanning
  4. Turn Off Real-Time Scanning
  5. Confirm Your Action


Turning off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 11 is straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. While disabling your antivirus temporarily can be necessary for certain tasks, it’s important to remember to turn it back on to keep your computer protected. Always exercise caution and consider setting a reminder to ensure your system doesn’t remain unprotected for too long. For more detailed guides and tips, explore additional resources on how to manage your antivirus settings. Happy computing, and stay safe!

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