How to Word Wedding Invitations: A Guide for Couples

Crafting the perfect wedding invitation can be a daunting task, but with a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and personalized invitation that sets the tone for your special day. From choosing the right wording to selecting the perfect design, this article will guide you through the process of creating wedding invitations that capture the essence of your love story.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Word Wedding Invitations

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to understand that the wording of your wedding invitations will reflect the formality and style of your event. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or a casual celebration, the language you use should be a reflection of your personalities as a couple.

Step 1: Begin with the Host Line

The host line is the opening statement of your invitation, indicating who is hosting the wedding.

The host line typically includes the names of the parents or other family members who are financially supporting the event. If you and your partner are hosting the wedding yourselves, you can simply start with "Together with their families" or use your own names.

Step 2: Include the Request Line

The request line is where you actually invite your guests to attend the wedding.

For a traditional wedding, you might use the phrase "request the honor of your presence." For a more casual affair, "invite you to celebrate with us" is a fitting choice. This line sets the tone for the level of formality of your wedding.

Step 3: List the Names of the Couple

Clearly state the names of the couple getting married, usually beginning with the bride’s name followed by the groom’s name.

If the bride’s parents are hosting, her last name can be omitted. If the couple is hosting, it’s customary to include both full names.

Step 4: Share the Date and Time

Clearly communicate when the wedding will take place, with both the date and time included.

Write out the date and year in words for a formal invitation, and opt for numerals for a casual tone. Don’t forget to include the time of the ceremony!

Step 5: Provide the Location

Include the complete address of the wedding venue, including the name of the location, the city, and the state.

If the reception is at a different location, you can include that information on a separate card or at the bottom of the invitation.

Step 6: Add RSVP Information

Let your guests know how and by when they should respond to the invitation.

Provide an RSVP card with a stamped envelope, or direct guests to a wedding website where they can confirm their attendance. Be sure to include a date by which they should reply.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a beautifully worded wedding invitation that provides all the necessary information for your guests. With the right words, your invitation will not only inform but also excite your guests about the upcoming celebration.

Tips for Wording Wedding Invitations

  • Keep the wording consistent with the formality and style of your wedding.
  • If your wedding is being hosted by divorced parents, include both names on separate lines.
  • Avoid using abbreviations; spell out words like "Street," "Avenue," and state names.
  • Consider adding a touch of personality or a quote that is meaningful to you as a couple.
  • Proofread your invitations several times to avoid any typos or errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include registry information on the invitation?

It is considered impolite to include registry information directly on the invitation. Instead, include it on a separate card or on your wedding website.

What if my ceremony and reception are at the same location?

If the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, you can include a line at the bottom of the invitation such as "Reception to follow."

How do I word an invitation for a destination wedding?

For destination weddings, provide additional details like travel and accommodation information on a separate card or your wedding website.

Should I include a dress code on the invitation?

If you have a specific dress code for your wedding, you can include it in the lower right corner of the invitation or on a separate details card.

What do I do if I need to include additional information?

If there’s more information that your guests need, such as directions or details about a post-wedding brunch, include a separate card in the invitation suite with these details.


  1. Begin with the host line.
  2. Include the request line.
  3. List the names of the couple.
  4. Share the date and time.
  5. Provide the location.
  6. Add RSVP information.


Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have of your big day, so it’s important to get the wording just right. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to craft an invitation that not only informs but also sets the tone for your wedding. Remember to keep it personal and true to your style as a couple. After all, this is your special day, and your invitations should reflect the love and excitement you share. Whether you’re going for timeless elegance or laid-back charm, the perfect wedding invitation is just a few well-chosen words away.

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