How to Make a Wedding Program in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a wedding program in Word is a simple task that can save you time and money. With a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, you can design a personalized wedding program that reflects your style and provides guests with all the necessary information for your big day. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of creating a wedding program in Word.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make a Wedding Program in Word

Before we jump into the steps, let’s quickly understand what we are aiming for. By following these steps, you’ll create a wedding program that includes details such as the order of the ceremony, names of the wedding party, and any special notes you want to include.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word on your computer.

Starting with a blank document in Microsoft Word is the first step to creating your wedding program. If you are familiar with Word, you’ll know it offers various templates, but for this project, we’ll start from scratch.

Step 2: Choose a Size and Layout

Decide on the size and layout for your program.

The size and layout of your wedding program are important. Consider whether you want a traditional booklet-style program or a single-page layout. Remember, the size will also affect how much information you can include.

Step 3: Set up Margins

Set the margins to ensure your text is well spaced out.

In the ‘Page Layout’ tab, you can adjust the margins to your liking. This will help your text to not be too close to the edges, making it look professional and easy to read.

Step 4: Select a Font and Font Size

Choose a font and font size that complements your wedding theme.

Your choice of font and font size should reflect the overall feel of your wedding. A more formal wedding might call for a classic font, while a casual affair might be better suited to a more relaxed font style.

Step 5: Add Your Content

Type out the content of your wedding program.

This is where you’ll spend most of your time. Include the order of the ceremony, names of your wedding party, and any other details you want to share with your guests. Be sure to proofread your content or have someone else check it for any typos or errors.

Step 6: Insert Images or Graphics

Insert any images or graphics that you want to include in your program.

Adding images or graphics can really personalize your wedding program. Whether it’s a picture of the couple, a wedding logo, or some floral designs, make sure they’re high-quality images so they print well.

Step 7: Print a Test Page

Before printing all your programs, print a test page to make sure everything looks good.

It’s always a good idea to print one program first to check for any errors or design flaws. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can print the rest.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a beautiful wedding program to hand out to your guests. They’ll appreciate the effort you put into creating something so personal and useful for your special day.

Tips: Creating a Wedding Program in Word

  • Keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too much information.
  • Stick to one or two fonts to maintain a cohesive look.
  • If you’re adding images, make sure they’re high resolution so they don’t print pixelated.
  • Consider the weight and texture of the paper you’ll be printing on – it can add a nice touch.
  • Always have someone else proofread your content to catch any typos you might have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many programs should I print?

You should print enough programs for each guest, plus a few extras just in case.

Printing a few extra copies is always a good idea in case there are last-minute guests or if some get damaged.

Can I add a personal message to my wedding program?

Absolutely, adding a personal message makes your program even more special.

A personal message or a thank you note to your guests can be a lovely addition to your wedding program. It adds a touch of sentimentality and appreciation.

What information is essential to include in the program?

The essential information includes the order of the ceremony and the names of the wedding party.

Make sure you include the key parts of the ceremony and the people involved so guests can follow along and know who’s who.

Can I make a double-sided wedding program in Word?

Yes, you can design a double-sided program by setting your printer to print on both sides.

When printing, choose the ‘Print on both sides’ option, and make sure to align your content correctly so that it prints as intended.

Should the wedding program match the wedding invitations?

While not necessary, having a cohesive design can make your wedding theme feel more put together.

If you’ve already chosen a design theme for your invites, continuing that theme into your programs can create a nice visual continuity for your guests.


  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Choose a Size and Layout
  3. Set up Margins
  4. Select a Font and Font Size
  5. Add Your Content
  6. Insert Images or Graphics
  7. Print a Test Page


Creating a wedding program in Word is an achievable task for any couple planning their wedding. Not only does it save money, but it also adds a personal touch to your special day. Remember, the program is not just a guide for the day’s events, but it’s also a keepsake that guests (and you!) will hold onto for years to come. Don’t be afraid to add your style and personal flair to the design. With a bit of creativity, the right tools, and attention to detail, your wedding program will be one of the many highlights of your wedding. And who knows, it might just inspire another couple to take on the challenge of making their wedding program in Word. Happy designing!

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