How to Disable the Passcode on a Samsung Galaxy On5

A passcode is an important thing to have on your Samsung Galaxy On5 because it makes it more difficult for strangers to access the information on your device. But it can also be time consuming to enter that passcode any time that you need to use your phone, so you might decide that convenience is more important than security, and that you would prefer to turn off the passcode on your Galaxy On5.

Step 1: Tap the Apps folder icon.

open the apps folder on the galaxy on5Step 2: Open the Settings menu.

open the galaxy on5 settings menu


Step 3: Touch the Lock screen and security button at the top of the screen.

open the lock screen and security menu


Step 4: Touch the Screen lock type button at the top of the screen.

select the screen lock type option


Step 5: Input the current passcode.

enter the current passcode


Step 6: Tap the None option if you do not wish to have any passcode set on your Galaxy On5.

how to disable the passcode on a samsung galaxy on5