How to Turn Off Flash on iPhone 11

Learning how to turn off the flash on an iPhone will show you how to adjust a setting in the default Camera app. We will also show you how to stop the LED flash for alerts that can cause the camera flash to go off when you receive notifications like a text message. The iPhone … Read more

how to disable the iPhone 11 lock sound

How to Turn Off the Lock Sound on an iPhone 11

When you set up an iPhone you probably focus on things like adding an email address, installing important apps, and signing into all of your accounts. But there are some settings on the device that you will probably want to change after using it for a short period of time. One such thing that you … Read more

how to enable mono audio in the Spotify iPhone app

How to Switch to Mono Audio in Spotify on an iPhone

When you listen to music in Spotify on your iPhone, the sound is in stereo. This means that you will hear different things in each ear when using headphones. But if you want to use mono audio in Spotify instead, it’s possible to do so. When most artists record music, it’s typically done with stereo … Read more

how to turn off iPhone Memojis

How to Disable Memoji Stickers on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone 11 has an option called Memojis that allow you to send some interesting little images to your contacts through the Messages app. But if you aren’t using them and find that you sometimes add them by accident, then you may want to know how to remove memojis from your iPhone 11. When you … Read more

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How to Change the Timer Sound on an iPhone 11

There are a lot of interesting features that are available on the iPhone 11 by default, many of which are found in the device’s default apps. One app, the Clock app, has a handful of different options, including a timer. But you might be wondering how to change the timer sound on your iPhone 11 … Read more