how to prevent iPhone calls from ringing on an iPad

How to Stop Phone Calls from Ringing on My iPad

The Apple ID that you use on your iPhone can also be used on other Apple devices like a MacBook or an iPad. This allows for some interesting functionality, but you may be wondering how to stop phone calls from ringing on your iPad if you don’t intend to answer them there. A lot of … Read more

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How to Automatically Manage Tabs in Safari on an iPhone

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How to Enable Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone

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How to Show Contact Photos in Messages on an iPhone 11

The Contacts app on your iPhone allows you to add a variety of information about your contacts, including photos of those individuals. This contact information for your phone and iCloud contacts is a helpful way for you, as an iPhone user, to store a contact number, country code, address, and more. These contact photos can … Read more

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How to Sign Out of Spotify on an iPhone

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How to Announce Messages with Siri on an iPhone 11

Apple’s Airpods are great to use with an iPhone because they sound good, connect easily, and unlock some additional features. One of these features is the ability to have Siri announce text messages when your Airpods are connected. This feature requires Siri to be activated on your iPhone, and you need to turn on a … Read more