How to Bookmark in the Chrome iPhone App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bookmarking in the Chrome iPhone app is a breeze. Simply open the app, navigate to the page you want to bookmark, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen, and select ‘Add Bookmark’. Give your bookmark a name and choose where to save it, then tap ‘Save’. Voilà! Your page is now bookmarked for easy access later.

After bookmarking a page, you can find it later in the Chrome bookmarks menu. To access your bookmarks, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the app, then tap ‘Bookmarks’. Your saved pages will be there, ready for you to revisit whenever you need.


We’ve all been there – you’re browsing the web on your iPhone, you find a great article or website you want to save for later, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. Bookmarking is a smart way to keep track of the pages you love without cluttering up your browser with tabs. As an iPhone user, you have the advantage of using the Chrome app – known for its speed, simplicity, and security. But what good is a browser if you can’t easily find your way back to your favorite sites?

That’s where bookmarking comes in. It’s a vital feature for anyone who browses the internet, allowing you to save and organize web pages for easy access later on. Whether you’re a student doing research, a professional who needs to save industry-specific sites, or just someone who loves to read articles in their spare time, knowing how to bookmark effectively can save you time and frustration. So, let’s dive into how to bookmark in the Chrome iPhone app, so you never lose track of those important web pages again.

How to Bookmark in the Chrome iPhone App

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s cover what bookmarking will accomplish. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to save any webpage for future reference, neatly organized in your Chrome bookmarks, ready to be accessed with just a few taps.

Step 1: Open the Chrome app on your iPhone

Open the Google Chrome app on your iPhone and navigate to the webpage you want to bookmark.

Opening the Chrome app is where it all starts. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account to sync your bookmarks across devices.

Step 2: Tap the share icon

Once you’re on the page you want to bookmark, tap the share icon located at the bottom of the screen.

The share icon is key to many functions in iOS, including bookmarking. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.

Step 3: Select ‘Add Bookmark’

In the share menu that appears, scroll until you find the ‘Add Bookmark’ option and tap it.

This action will prompt a new screen, allowing you to name your bookmark and choose where to save it.

Step 4: Name and save your bookmark

Give your bookmark a name that you’ll remember, choose a folder to save it in, and then tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Naming your bookmark something relevant makes it easier to find later, and organizing it in a folder helps keep your bookmarks tidy.


Quick AccessBookmarking a page allows for quick access to it later, saving you the hassle of trying to remember the website address or searching for it again.
OrganizationYou can organize your bookmarks into folders, making it easy to categorize and find the web pages you’ve saved.
Syncing Across DevicesIf you’re signed in to your Google account, your bookmarks will sync across all devices where you use Chrome, so you can access them wherever you go.


Limited CustomizationThe Chrome iPhone app offers limited customization options for bookmarks compared to the desktop version, such as fewer sorting options.
Potential ClutterWithout regular maintenance, your bookmarks can become cluttered and overwhelming, making it hard to find what you’re looking for.
Dependence on InternetBookmarked pages are shortcuts to websites, so you’ll still need an internet connection to access the content you’ve saved.

Additional Information

When it comes to bookmarking in the Chrome iPhone app, there are a few more handy tips you should know. First, if you want to bookmark a page without opening the share menu, you can also tap on the star icon in the URL bar – it does the same thing as ‘Add Bookmark’. Second, if you’re a desktop Chrome user, you’ll be pleased to know that your bookmarks will automatically sync with the mobile app as long as you’re signed in. This feature is a huge timesaver, ensuring that all your saved pages are available no matter which device you’re on.

Additionally, consider organizing your bookmarks into folders from the get-go. For instance, you could have a folder for recipes, another for news articles, and so on. This way, as you add more bookmarks, they won’t turn into an unruly list that’s hard to navigate. Lastly, don’t forget to occasionally clean out your bookmarks. It can be easy to forget what you’ve saved, and over time, some pages may no longer be relevant or even exist.


  1. Open the Chrome app on your iPhone
  2. Navigate to the page you want to bookmark
  3. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select ‘Add Bookmark’
  5. Name your bookmark and select a folder to save it in
  6. Tap ‘Save’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit or delete a bookmark after saving it?

Yes, you can edit or delete bookmarks by tapping on the three dots in the Chrome app, selecting ‘Bookmarks’, and then finding the bookmark you want to modify.

Will my bookmarks be saved if I uninstall the Chrome app?

As long as you’re signed into your Google account, your bookmarks are synced to the cloud and will reappear when you reinstall the app and sign in again.

Can I export my Chrome bookmarks from my iPhone?

Currently, there’s no direct way to export bookmarks from the Chrome iPhone app, but they are accessible on any device when you sign in to Chrome.

How many bookmarks can I save in the Chrome iPhone app?

There is no official limit to how many bookmarks you can save in the Chrome app, so bookmark away!

Can I share my bookmarks with someone else?

You can share individual bookmarks by opening them and using the share icon to send the link, but you cannot share the entire list of bookmarks directly from the app.


Mastering the art of bookmarking in the Chrome iPhone app is a game-changer. It’s like having a personal library of the internet at your fingertips – a curated collection of knowledge, entertainment, and resources that you can tap into at any time.

Remember, the key to effective bookmarking is organization and maintenance; keep your bookmarks tidy, and they’ll serve you well. And with the syncing feature, you’ll never be without your important pages, whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer. So go ahead, give it a try – happy bookmarking!

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