iOS 17 Guide: How to Bookmark on Your iPhone Efficiently

To bookmark on your iPhone running iOS 17, you simply open the Safari browser, navigate to the website you want to bookmark, tap the share button, and select the “Add Bookmark” option. After you’ve named your bookmark and chosen where to save it, just tap “Save,” and voila! Your webpage is bookmarked for quick access in the future.

After bookmarking a site, you’ll be able to find it quickly without having to remember the URL or search for it again. It’ll be neatly stored in your Safari bookmarks, ready for you whenever you need it.

You can also check out this video about how to bookmark on iPhone for additional information.


Let’s be real. We’ve all been down that rabbit hole on the internet where we find something gold, and then somehow, we lose it. Frustrating, right? But, hey, that’s where bookmarking swoops in to save the day, or rather, save that must-not-forget website. Bookmarking on your iPhone, especially with the latest iOS 17, is like having a personal librarian that’s got your back, keeping all those precious pages in tip-top order. Consider this: How many times have you stumbled upon a killer recipe or a life-hack article that you meant to try out later? Or perhaps, you’ve got a stack of online shops you swear by. Bookmarking is key to not losing these treasures in the endless sea of the internet.

For iPhone users, iOS 17 brings a seamless and user-friendly way to keep tabs on those essential web pages. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves to keep their digital life organized, knowing how to bookmark effectively on your iPhone is a game-changer. Bookmarking isn’t just about saving a page; it’s about having instant access to your curated information, anytime and anywhere.

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How to Bookmark on iPhone with iOS 17

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that this process will enable you to quickly access your favorite websites without having to type the URL each time.

Step 1: Open Safari and navigate to the desired webpage

Navigate to the website you want to bookmark in the Safari app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on the share button

The share button looks like a square with an arrow pointing out from the top. It’s usually located at the bottom of the screen.

Finding the share button is a breeze once you’re familiar with Safari’s interface. It’s your gateway to many useful features, including bookmarking.

Step 3: Select “Add Bookmark” from the share menu

After tapping the share button, a menu will appear. From there, tap on “Add Bookmark” to initiate the bookmarking process.

Step 4: Edit the bookmark name and location

You’ll have the option to rename the bookmark and select where to save it. By default, it saves to the “Favorites” folder, but you can choose another folder or create a new one.

Being able to edit the bookmark name is super handy for recall, and choosing the right location helps keep your bookmarks organized.

Step 5: Tap “Save” to store the bookmark

Once you’ve made your edits, tap “Save” to add the bookmark to your selected folder.

With the bookmark now saved, it’s easy to retrieve the page without the fuss of searching for it again.


Quick access to favorite sitesBookmarking on your iPhone allows you to quickly access your commonly visited websites without having to remember or retype URLs.
Organized web contentYou can categorize bookmarks into folders, which makes it easier to manage and find content related to different topics or projects.
Sync across devicesWith iCloud, your bookmarks can sync across all your Apple devices, so you can access your saved pages on your iPad or Mac as well.


Limited to SafariBookmarks made in Safari are not directly accessible through other browsers, potentially causing inconvenience if you use multiple browsers.
Can get clutteredWithout regular maintenance, your bookmarks can become cluttered, making it harder to find what you’re looking for.
Dependent on internet connectionWhile bookmarks provide quick access to online content, they’re of little use if you’re offline and the page content isn’t saved for offline reading.

Video About Bookmarks

Additional Information

When it comes to bookmarking on iOS 17, there are a few extra nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind. First, customization is key. Don’t just stick with the default name of the bookmark; make it something memorable and meaningful to you. Also, consider organizing your bookmarks right from the get-go. Create separate folders for recipes, work research, or your favorite blogs to keep things tidy.

What’s more, if you’re a fan of minimalism, Safari’s “Favorites” section allows you to keep a clean slate with only your most-visited sites a tap away. This way, your screen isn’t cluttered, and you can enjoy a more focused browsing experience.

Lastly, remember that bookmarking on your iPhone with iOS 17 syncs across all your Apple devices, provided you’re using the same Apple ID. This ensures you have a seamless browsing experience whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or laptop.


  1. Open Safari and navigate to the desired website.
  2. Tap the share button.
  3. Select “Add Bookmark” from the share menu.
  4. Edit the bookmark name and choose a saving location.
  5. Tap “Save” to store the bookmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I organize my bookmarks into folders?

Yes, you can create folders and organize your bookmarks to keep them tidy and categorized.

What if I want to bookmark a page for offline reading?

iOS allows you to save web pages to your reading list for offline access, not just as a bookmark.

Can I edit or delete a bookmark later?

Absolutely! You can edit or delete bookmarks at any time by accessing your bookmarks list and tapping “Edit.”

Do bookmarks sync across all my devices?

Yes, if you’re using iCloud and the same Apple ID, your bookmarks will sync across all your devices.

Can I export my bookmarks from Safari to another browser?

While there’s no direct way to export bookmarks from Safari on your iPhone, you can sync them to Safari on a Mac and then export them to other browsers.


Bookmarking on your iPhone with iOS 17 is like giving your digital life a well-organized library. It’s a simple yet powerful way to keep the vast ocean of the internet neatly sorted, just a few taps away. Remember, in this digital age, staying organized is not just about keeping your physical desk tidy, but also managing the virtual one.

With the tips and insights shared, you’re ready to turn your bookmarking game into a model of digital efficiency. Happy browsing, and may your bookmarks always lead you back to those hidden gems on the web!

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