How to Delete a Downloaded Podcast Episode from iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Got an iPhone 14 and need to clear out some space? Deleting downloaded podcast episodes can be an easy way to free up storage on your device. After all, those episodes can really pile up after a while! Don’t worry, the process is super simple and in just a few taps, you can get rid of episodes you’ve already listened to or no longer need.

Step by Step Tutorial to Delete a Downloaded Podcast Episode from iPhone 14

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Deleting a downloaded podcast episode removes it from your iPhone 14’s storage, but it does not unsubscribe you from the podcast itself. You can always re-download the episode if you change your mind later.

Step 1: Open the Podcasts app

Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone 14.

The Podcasts app is where all your downloaded episodes live. It’s the purple icon with the white circles and lines that resemble a person.

Step 2: Go to your Library

Tap on ‘Library’ at the bottom of the screen.

This is where all the podcasts you follow are listed. You can find the episode you want to delete here.

Step 3: Find the podcast

Find the podcast with the episode you want to delete.

Scroll through your podcasts or use the search feature if you have a lot of subscriptions.

Step 4: Choose the episode

Tap on the podcast, then find and select the episode you want to delete.

Episodes that have been downloaded to your device will have a small downloaded icon (a circle with a checkmark) next to them.

Step 5: Delete the episode

Swipe left on the episode and tap ‘Delete.’

This action removes the episode from your iPhone 14’s storage.

After you complete the action, the podcast episode will no longer be available for offline listening on your iPhone 14. However, it will still be accessible for streaming if you have an internet connection. This means you can re-download it at any time if you want to listen to it again.

Tips for Managing Podcasts on iPhone 14

  • Keep an eye on your storage space. Regularly deleting episodes you’ve already listened to can help keep your iPhone running smoothly.
  • Consider setting episodes to automatically delete after you’ve listened to them. You can do this in the settings of the Podcasts app.
  • If you’re worried about forgetting what episodes you’ve listened to, make a note or use the ‘mark as played’ feature before deleting.
  • Use the ‘limit downloads’ option to avoid having too many episodes downloaded at once.
  • Organize your podcasts into stations or playlists for easier management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unsubscribe from a podcast?

To unsubscribe, go to the podcast’s page, tap on the ‘… More’ button, and select ‘Unsubscribe.’

Can I recover a deleted episode?

Yes, you can re-download any episode you’ve previously deleted as long as it’s still available on the podcast’s feed.

Will deleting an episode remove it from all my devices?

If you’re using iCloud to sync your Podcasts, deleting an episode on one device will delete it across all devices signed in with your Apple ID.

What happens if I delete a podcast I’m subscribed to?

Deleting a podcast removes all downloaded episodes but does not unsubscribe you. You’ll still receive new episodes as they’re released.

Can I limit the number of episodes that get downloaded automatically?

Yes, go to the podcast’s settings and adjust the ‘Limit Episodes’ setting to your preference.


  1. Open Podcasts app
  2. Go to Library
  3. Find the podcast
  4. Choose the episode
  5. Swipe left and delete


There you have it – a quick and easy guide to deleting downloaded podcast episodes from your iPhone 14. Whether you’re looking to free up some much-needed space or simply tidy up your Library, the process is straightforward. With a few swipes and taps, you can manage your podcasts efficiently, keeping your iPhone 14 clutter-free and running smoothly. Remember, podcasts are meant to be enjoyed, not cause stress about storage space. So go ahead, keep up with your favorite shows, and know that you have the tools to manage them like a pro. And if you ever need to revisit an episode, it’s never more than a quick download away. Happy listening!

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