How to Draw in a Text Message on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Drawing in a text message on an iPhone is a fun and creative way to express yourself. Simply open the Messages app, choose a conversation, turn your iPhone to the landscape orientation, and tap the squiggly line icon to access the drawing canvas. Now, you’re ready to let your finger or stylus do the talking!

After completing this action, your hand-drawn masterpiece will be sent as an image within your text conversation, adding a personal touch to your digital communication.


Ever wanted to add a little flair to your text messages beyond the standard emojis and GIFs? Drawing in a text message on your iPhone can do just that! This feature, accessible within the Messages app, offers a fun and unique way to communicate with friends and family. Whether it’s a quick doodle, a handwritten note, or an elaborate sketch, drawing in a text message allows you to personalize your conversations and showcase your creativity.

This feature is especially relevant in a world where digital communication often feels impersonal. A hand-drawn image can convey emotions and nuances that typed text cannot. It’s a fantastic way to make someone’s day, celebrate an occasion, or just show off your artistic skills. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use, making it accessible to iPhone users of all ages. So, if you’re ready to take your texting game to the next level, keep reading to learn how to draw in a text message on an iPhone.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Draw in a Text Message on an iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a drawing within a text message on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Messages app and select a conversation

Open the Messages app on your iPhone and tap on the conversation where you want to send your drawing.

Selecting a conversation will take you to your message thread where you can start the process of adding a drawing. If you want to send a drawing to a new contact, simply tap the compose message icon and enter the recipient’s information.

Step 2: Turn your iPhone to the landscape orientation

Rotate your iPhone to the landscape orientation to reveal additional messaging options.

When you turn your iPhone sideways, the keyboard will switch to landscape mode, and new icons will appear on the screen. One of these icons is the key to accessing the drawing feature.

Step 3: Tap the squiggly line icon

Look for the squiggly line icon above the keyboard and tap on it to access the drawing canvas.

The squiggly line icon represents the drawing feature in the Messages app. Tapping on it will open a blank canvas where you can start creating your drawing.

Step 4: Use your finger or a stylus to draw

Draw your masterpiece directly on the screen using your finger or a stylus.

The canvas in the Messages app is touch-sensitive, allowing you to draw with precision. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo it or clear the canvas and start over.

Step 5: Send your drawing

Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, tap the “Done” button and then the send button (looks like an upward-pointing arrow) to deliver your artwork.

After you hit send, your drawing will be delivered to the recipient as part of your text conversation. They’ll be able to view it just like any other image sent through the Messages app.


PersonalizationAdding a drawing to your text messages allows you to personalize the conversation in a way that words alone cannot.
CreativityThis feature encourages creativity, giving you a platform to showcase your artistic talents or just have fun with doodles.
Emotional ExpressionDrawings can convey emotions and sentiments that may be difficult to express through text, adding another layer of communication.


Time-consumingCreating a drawing can be more time-consuming than simply typing a message or selecting an emoji.
Skill-dependentThe quality of the drawing is dependent on your artistic skill, which may be intimidating for some users.
Limited SpaceThe drawing canvas within the Messages app is relatively small, limiting the complexity of the drawings you can create.

Additional Information

While the drawing feature in the Messages app is straightforward, there are a few additional tips and tricks that can enhance your experience. For instance, you can change the color of your drawing by selecting from the color palette provided. This allows for more vibrant and dynamic creations that can really stand out.

Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with the thickness of your lines, you can adjust the pressure you apply with your finger or stylus. Pressing harder will result in thicker lines, while lighter touches will create finer lines. Experimenting with pressure can add depth and texture to your drawings.

It’s also worth noting that the drawing feature isn’t just for freehand art. You can use it to annotate images or screenshots, highlight important text, or even create handwritten notes. The possibilities are truly endless, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of communication.

Lastly, if you’re worried about your drawing disappearing too quickly, don’t be! Once sent, your drawing will remain in the conversation until it’s deleted, just like any other text or image. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how drawing in a text message on an iPhone can spice up your digital conversations.


  1. Open the Messages app and select a conversation.
  2. Rotate your iPhone to the landscape orientation.
  3. Tap the squiggly line icon.
  4. Use your finger or a stylus to draw on the canvas.
  5. Send your drawing by tapping “Done” and the send button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save my drawing to my iPhone’s photo gallery?

Yes, after creating your drawing, tap “Done,” then press and hold the drawing in the message thread. Tap “Save” from the options that appear.

Is it possible to draw in a group text conversation?

Absolutely! The drawing feature works the same way in group text conversations as it does in one-on-one chats.

Do I need a special stylus to draw in a text message?

No special stylus is required. You can use your finger, or any stylus that works with your iPhone’s touchscreen.

Can I edit a drawing after I’ve sent it?

Once a drawing is sent, it cannot be edited. However, you can create a new drawing or send a revised version.

Are there any size limitations for drawings?

While there’s no specific size limit, the drawing canvas is only as big as your iPhone’s screen, which can limit the detail and complexity of your drawings.


Drawing in a text message on your iPhone is a delightful way to inject personality and creativity into your digital communication. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt note, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking to have a bit of fun, this feature can enhance your messaging experience in many ways.

It’s simple, accessible, and has the power to transform a mundane text into a memorable interaction. Give it a try and let your drawings do the talking!

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