Where is Auto Lock on the iPhone 5?

While it’s very easy to lock the screen on your iPhone by pressing the Power button on the side of the device, it’s also very easy to forget to do it when you’re done using the phone. Fortunately your iPhone has a setting called auto-lock that will automatically lock the screen when you haven’t interacted with it for a period of time.

Typically the iPhone screen will auto lock after a few seconds or a couple of minutes, but it’s possible that the auto lock feature can be turned off entirely. Our tutorial below will show you where to find the auto lock setting on your iPhone 5 so that you can make it happen more quickly, or turn it off completely.

How to Change Auto Lock on an iPhone 5

The steps in this article were performed in iOS 12.1.4. Note that the screen is one of the biggest battery drains on your iPhone, and leaving it on for an extended period of time can cause the battery to drain very quickly. Additionally, some apps on your iPhone can override the auto lock setting and keep the screen on for a long period of time.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

open settings on iphone 5

Step 2: Choose the Display & Brightness option.

iphone 5 display and brightness menu

Step 3: Touch the Auto Lock button.

where is auto lock on iphone 5

Step 4: Choose the amount of time that you want the screen to wait before turning off.

how to change auto lock on iphone 5

The amount of time for the auto lock is the amount of time since you last interacted with the screen.

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