How to Put Embedded Youtube Video in Powerpoint 2010: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embedding a YouTube video into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation can be a game-changer for keeping your audience engaged. Here’s a quick rundown: you’ll need to copy the video’s embed code from YouTube, then, in PowerPoint, select the slide you want to add the video to, go to the “Insert” tab, click “Video,” select “Video from Web Site,” and paste the code into the dialog box. Boom! You’ve just elevated your presentation game.

Once you’ve completed this action, your PowerPoint slide will have the YouTube video right there in it, ready to play during your presentation. This means you don’t have to switch between applications or worry about internet connectivity on the day of your presentation, as the video will be embedded directly into your PowerPoint slide.


Have you ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation and thought, “Wow, this could really use a video to liven things up”? Well, you’re not alone. Videos can transform a dry presentation into an engaging, multimedia experience for the audience. That’s why learning how to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2010 can be such a valuable skill.

Whether you’re a student presenting a project, a business professional pitching to clients, or a teacher trying to keep your students’ attention, embedding a video can help you illustrate points, give examples, or simply provide a visual break. Plus, with the vast library of content on YouTube, the possibilities are endless. From educational videos to product demos, embedding a video can make your presentation more informative and entertaining. Ready to learn how? Let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial.

Step by Step Tutorial: Embedding YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2010

Before we get started, make sure you have your PowerPoint 2010 program open and the YouTube video you want to embed handy.

Step 1: Copy the YouTube video’s embed code

Go to the YouTube video you want to embed, click the ‘Share’ button below the video, then click ‘Embed’ and copy the provided code.

YouTube provides an embed code for every video, which is like a snippet of HTML that allows the video to be displayed on another site or, in this case, your PowerPoint presentation. Make sure to copy the entire code.

Step 2: Open your PowerPoint 2010 presentation

Select the slide where you want to embed the video.

Think of this as setting the stage for your video. You want to make sure the slide’s content complements the video and doesn’t distract from it.

Step 3: Click the “Insert” tab

In PowerPoint, go to the “Insert” tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen.

This tab is where all the magic happens when you want to add anything extra to your slides, like images, charts, or, of course, videos.

Step 4: Select “Video” and then “Video from Web Site”

Within the “Insert” tab, click on “Video” on the far right and select “Video from Web Site” from the drop-down menu.

This option allows you to insert videos that are not saved on your computer but are hosted online, like on YouTube.

Step 5: Paste the embed code into the dialog box

A dialog box will appear where you can paste the embed code you copied from YouTube. After pasting, click “Insert.”

When you paste the code and click “Insert,” PowerPoint works its magic to embed the video into the slide. You should now see a black box where the video will play during your presentation.


Enhances EngagementEmbedding videos can capture audience attention and make your presentation more engaging.
Supplemental ContentVideos can provide additional information or visual aids that complement your spoken presentation.
ConvenienceHaving the video embedded ensures smooth playback without the need to switch between applications or rely on internet connectivity.


File SizeEmbedding videos can significantly increase your PowerPoint file size.
Compatibility IssuesThere may be compatibility issues when sharing the presentation with users who have different versions of PowerPoint.
Potential for DistractionIf not used judiciously, videos can distract from the main content of your presentation.

Additional Information

When embedding a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2010, there are a few additional tips you should keep in mind. For instance, always preview the embedded video to ensure it plays correctly within your presentation. Also, consider the size and placement of the video on your slide; you want it to be large enough to be easily viewed by your audience, but not so large that it overshadows other important content.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your presentation, not detract from it. Additionally, think about the timing of when to play the video during your presentation. You don’t want to interrupt the flow of your talk, so plan accordingly. Following these tips can help you seamlessly integrate YouTube videos into your PowerPoint slides, making for a more dynamic and effective presentation.


  1. Copy the embed code from the YouTube video.
  2. Open your PowerPoint 2010 presentation and select the desired slide.
  3. Click the “Insert” tab and choose “Video,” then “Video from Web Site.”
  4. Paste the embed code into the dialog box and click “Insert.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I embed a YouTube video without using the embed code?

No, you need the embed code to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2010. It’s the only way to ensure the video is properly integrated into your slide.

Will the video play automatically in the presentation?

By default, the video will not play automatically. You can set it to play automatically by adjusting the video playback settings in PowerPoint.

Can I resize the video once it’s embedded?

Yes, you can resize the embedded video by clicking and dragging the corners of the video frame, just like you would with an image.

What if the video doesn’t play during my presentation?

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection if the video is not saved locally on your computer. Also, check that you’ve pasted the correct embed code and that the video is not set to private on YouTube.

Can I embed a video from a site other than YouTube?

Yes, as long as the site provides an embed code, you can embed videos from other websites into PowerPoint 2010.


Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2010 can transform a run-of-the-mill presentation into a dynamic and compelling one. It’s an excellent way to keep your audience engaged and convey your message more effectively. Whether you’re looking to illustrate complex points, provide examples, or simply break up the monotony of a long presentation, embedded videos can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Just remember the key steps: get the embed code, choose the right slide, insert the video, and you’re good to go. With a little practice, you’ll be adding videos to your presentations like a pro, and your audience will thank you for it. So go ahead, give it a try and watch your presentations come to life!

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