How to Rename an Amazon Fire TV Stick Using Your iPhone

Renaming your Amazon Fire TV Stick from an iPhone can be done quickly by following a few steps. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone, select ‘Devices,’ choose your Fire TV Stick, tap ‘Settings,’ and then select ‘Edit Name.’ After completing these steps, your Amazon Fire TV Stick will have a new name that you’ve chosen.

After renaming your Fire TV Stick, the new name will appear in the Alexa app, and you can use it to identify and control your device with voice commands more easily.


Have you ever found yourself fumbling through a list of similarly named devices, trying to figure out which Amazon Fire TV Stick is the one in your living room? Renaming your Fire TV Stick can make your life a lot easier, especially if you have multiple devices in your home. For iPhone users, the process is straightforward, thanks to the Alexa app.

This article is perfect for you if you’re looking to personalize your device or simplify commands for your smart home setup. Renaming your Fire TV Stick can help you organize your devices and enhance your overall streaming experience. So, let’s dive into the world of customization and learn how to give your Fire TV Stick a name that stands out!

Renaming Your Amazon Fire TV Stick from an iPhone

Before we start, make sure your iPhone and Amazon Fire TV Stick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This ensures that the Alexa app can communicate with your Fire TV Stick.

Step 1: Open the Alexa App

Launch the Alexa app on your iPhone.

The Alexa app is the control center for all your Amazon devices. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can find it for free in the App Store. Make sure you’re signed in with the same Amazon account linked to your Fire TV Stick.

Step 2: Select ‘Devices’

Tap the ‘Devices’ icon at the bottom of the Alexa app.

The ‘Devices’ section lists all the smart devices connected to your Alexa app. Here you’ll find not only your Fire TV Sticks but also any other Amazon Echo devices, smart lights, and more.

Step 3: Choose Your Fire TV Stick

Find and select the Fire TV Stick you want to rename from the list of devices.

If you have multiple Fire TV Sticks, make sure to choose the one you want to rename. It helps if you know the current name or location of the device to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Tap ‘Settings’

Once you’ve selected your Fire TV Stick, tap on ‘Settings’ to access the device options.

In ‘Settings,’ you’ll find various options to customize your Fire TV Stick experience, such as pairing new remotes or checking for software updates.

Step 5: Select ‘Edit Name’

Look for the ‘Edit Name’ option and tap on it to change your Fire TV Stick’s name.

When you tap on ‘Edit Name,’ you’ll have the opportunity to type in a new name for your device. Choose something unique and easy to remember, especially if you’re using voice commands to control it.


PersonalizationGiving your Amazon Fire TV Stick a unique name allows you to personalize your device and make it easier to identify among other devices in your home.
Simplified Voice CommandsWith a distinct name, you can use voice commands more effectively. Saying “Alexa, turn on Living Room Fire TV” is more intuitive than remembering a generic device name.
Better OrganizationIf you have multiple Fire TV Sticks, renaming them according to their location or user can help you manage and control them with less hassle.


Limited Name OptionsYou might face limitations with name choices, as the Alexa app may not accept certain special characters or excessively long names.
Initial ConfusionAfter renaming, there might be a brief period of adjustment as you get used to the new name, especially if you’ve used the old one for a long time.
Dependence on AppThe renaming process relies on the Alexa app, so if you encounter issues with the app, you’ll be unable to rename your device until those issues are resolved.

Additional Information

Renaming your Amazon Fire TV Stick is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing your device. Did you know you can also change the wallpaper, set up parental controls, or even install third-party apps? Your Fire TV Stick is more versatile than you might think. Plus, if you’re into smart home automation, renaming your devices can help you create seamless routines.

For example, you can have a “Movie Night” routine that dims the lights and turns on your Fire TV Stick with just one command. Remember to update any routines or commands you’ve set up with the old name to ensure everything works smoothly after the rename.


  1. Open the Alexa App on your iPhone.
  2. Select ‘Devices.’
  3. Choose your Fire TV Stick.
  4. Tap ‘Settings.’
  5. Select ‘Edit Name.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rename my Fire TV Stick without the Alexa app?

No, you need the Alexa app to rename your Fire TV Stick, as it’s the gateway to manage your Amazon devices.

What if I don’t see my Fire TV Stick in the Alexa app?

Make sure your Fire TV Stick and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network and that you’re logged into the correct Amazon account.

Can I use special characters in my Fire TV Stick’s name?

It’s best to avoid special characters as they might not be supported by the Alexa app and can cause issues with voice commands.

How long does it take for the new name to take effect?

The name change is usually instant, but it might take a few minutes for the update to reflect across all your devices.

Will renaming my Fire TV Stick affect my existing settings or apps?

No, renaming your device won’t affect any of your settings, apps, or content.


Renaming your Amazon Fire TV Stick from an iPhone is a breeze with the Alexa app. Not only does it allow for better personalization and organization, but it also enhances the functionality of voice commands. It’s a simple yet effective way to tailor your smart home experience to fit your lifestyle.

So go ahead, give your Fire TV Stick a name that resonates with you, and enjoy a more streamlined and personalized entertainment experience. Remember, a well-named device is the cornerstone of a well-organized smart home setup.

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