How to Remove Page No in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing page numbers in Microsoft Word might seem tricky at first, but it’s actually a simple process. Whether you’re formatting a document for school, work, or personal use, knowing how to remove page numbers can help you create a cleaner, more professional-looking piece. Here’s a quick rundown: open your Word document, go to the Insert tab, click on the Page Number button, and select Remove Page Numbers. That’s it – you’re all set!

Step by Step Tutorial to Remove Page Numbers in Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve. Removing page numbers from a Word document can be necessary for various reasons. Maybe you’re creating a title page, a cover letter, or any section where page numbers aren’t required. Following these steps will help you remove those pesky numbers with ease.

Step 1: Open your Word document

Open the Word document from which you want to remove the page numbers.

When you open your document, make sure you’re on the page where you wish to remove the numbers. If you want to remove them from the entire document, any page will do.

Step 2: Go to the Insert tab

Click on the Insert tab located at the top of the Word ribbon.

The Insert tab is where you’ll find various options to add things to your document, like tables, pictures, and of course, page numbers.

Step 3: Click on the Page Number button

Within the Insert tab, find and click on the Page Number button.

This button shows a list of options to insert page numbers, format them, or remove them.

Step 4: Select Remove Page Numbers

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Remove Page Numbers.’

Choosing this option will immediately remove page numbers from your document. It’s as simple as that!

After completing these steps, the page numbers in your Word document will be gone. If you later decide you want them back, just go through the steps again, but this time, choose to add page numbers instead of removing them.

Tips for Removing Page Numbers in Word

  • If you want to remove page numbers from just a section of your document, make sure you’ve created separate sections by using section breaks.
  • Remember that if you remove page numbers from the entire document, they will disappear from every page.
  • If you have different sections with different page number formats, you’ll need to remove them from each section individually.
  • Always save your document after making changes to avoid losing your work.
  • If you’re having trouble, double-check that you’re not in "Read Mode" as some editing features are limited in this view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove page numbers from just the first page?

To remove page numbers from just the first page, you can go into the Page Number settings and tick the box that says ‘Different First Page.’

This option is useful when you’re working with documents that require a title page without a page number.

Can I remove page numbers from even or odd pages only?

Yes, within the Page Number settings, there’s an option to have different numbers on odd and even pages. Just untick this option if you want to remove page numbers from either even or odd pages.

This feature is handy when you’re printing double-sided documents and want to maintain a certain style or format.

What if page numbers won’t disappear after following these steps?

If page numbers don’t disappear, double-check that you didn’t manually type them in. If that’s the case, you’ll need to delete them manually.

Sometimes, page numbers might be part of a header or footer. If they don’t remove the usual way, try editing the header or footer directly.

Will removing page numbers affect my document’s layout?

No, removing page numbers should not affect the layout of your document. However, if you have any text that refers to page numbers, you might need to adjust that manually.

Make sure to review your document after removing page numbers to ensure everything else is intact.

Can I save the document with page numbers and one without?

Absolutely! You can save one version of your document with page numbers and another version without them by using the ‘Save As’ feature.

Having different versions can be useful when you need to submit the same document in different formats.


  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Click on the Insert tab.
  3. Find and click on the Page Number button.
  4. Select ‘Remove Page Numbers.’


So there you have it, folks! Removing page numbers in Word is a task that might seem daunting at first, but with the right steps, it’s a breeze. It’s all about understanding where to find the right tools within the wide array of features that Word offers. Whether you’re a student trying to perfect that thesis paper or a professional preparing a report, knowing how to remove page no in word can come in handy more often than you’d think. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and give your documents that clean, professional touch they deserve. Don’t forget, Word is a powerful ally in all your document crafting adventures—so keep exploring and learning new tricks to make your work stand out!

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