How to Make a Square in Microsoft Word 2016

While many users typically consider Microsoft Word to be a tool for writing text, it actually has options for adding a variety of media types.

Whether you need pictures, videos or objects from other document types, Microsoft Word usually has an option to help you accomplish it.

But you also have the ability to add shapes, meaning that it’s possible to learn how to make a square in Microsoft Word.

Our guide below will show you how to use the rectangle shape tool to draw a rectangle in the document, then adjust the size of that rectangle so that the length and width are the same, giving you a square.

Use these steps to make a square in Microsoft Word.

  1. Open your Word document.

  2. Click where you want the square to appear.

    choose where to make the square

  3. Select the “Insert” tab at the top of the window.

    click the Insert tab

  4. Click the “Shapes” button.

    select the Shapes option

  5. Select one of the rectangle options.

    click a rectangle shape

  6. Draw your square in the document.

    how to make a square in Microsoft Word 2016

  7. Use the “Size” section of the ribbon to make the length and width equal.

    make the length and the width equal

After you have created the square in your Word document you can make additional adjustments to it by changing options on the Shape Format tab. For example, you can click the Shape Fill button in the Shape Styles section of the ribbon to change the color of the square, or you can click the Shape Outline button to change the color of the square’s border.

You can delete the square by clicking on it, then pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. Alternatively you can copy the square by right-clicking on it and choosing the Copy option, then right-clicking again and choosing the Keep Source Formatting button under Paste Options.

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