Apple Watch Water Drop Icon: What Does it Mean on My Screen?

If you’re an Apple Watch user, you might have noticed a water drop icon at the top of your watch screen. This icon indicates that your Apple Watch is in Water Lock mode, which locks the screen to prevent accidental taps when you’re in water. To turn off Water Lock and clear any water from your Apple Watch’s speaker, turn the Digital Crown on the side of your watch until your watch says it’s unlocked.

After you complete the action of turning the Digital Crown, your Apple Watch will emit a series of sounds that push water out from the speaker. You’ll then be able to use your watch normally.


As an Apple Watch user, have you ever glanced down at your wrist and noticed a little water drop icon at the top of your screen? If you’re scratching your head wondering what this mysterious icon means, you’re not alone. This tiny icon is actually a pretty nifty feature built into your Apple Watch called Water Lock.

Water Lock is designed to prevent your watch from reacting to random touches when you’re swimming, taking a shower, or finding yourself in any situation where water might activate the touchscreen. It’s particularly useful for swimmers or folks who like to stay active, as it keeps your watch functioning optimally even when wet. Knowing how to use this feature is crucial because it can prevent potential damage to your device and ensure that it’s always functioning when you need it most. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or just someone who wants to keep their watch safe during a rainy day, understanding the water drop icon is essential.

What is the Apple Watch Water Drop Icon at the Top of My Watch Screen?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about what we’ll accomplish with these steps. We’re going to learn how to deactivate the Water Lock feature, which will allow you to resume normal use of your Apple Watch after it’s been in contact with water.

Step 1: Check if your Apple Watch is still in Water Lock mode.

If you see the water drop icon, your watch is still in Water Lock mode.

Water Lock mode is activated automatically when you start a swimming workout but can also be turned on manually. When your watch is in this mode, the touchscreen is disabled to prevent accidental input.

Step 2: Turn the Digital Crown to unlock your watch.

Rotate the Digital Crown, which is the dial on the side of your Apple Watch, until the display says it’s unlocked.

As you turn the Digital Crown, you’ll feel haptic feedback, which is like a little tap on your wrist. This feedback lets you know that something is happening on your watch.

Step 3: Wait for your watch to emit water-clearing sounds.

Once unlocked, your Apple Watch will make sounds to clear out any water that’s gotten into the speaker.

These sounds are designed to expel water from the speaker’s holes. It’s pretty clever – by using sound waves, your watch can push out moisture and maintain its sound quality.


Prevents Accidental TouchesWater Lock prevents the screen from registering touches when in water, preventing accidental activities or app launches.
Protects the SpeakerActivating Water Lock mode before going into water helps protect the Apple Watch’s speaker from water damage.
Easy to UseTurning off Water Lock is as simple as turning the Digital Crown, making it accessible for all users.


Limited Functionality in Water Lock ModeWhen activated, Water Lock mode disables the touchscreen, which means you can’t use your watch until you deactivate it.
Requires Physical ActionYou must physically turn the Digital Crown to deactivate Water Lock, which could be a hassle for some users.
Can be Accidentally ActivatedUsers can accidentally activate Water Lock, leading to confusion if they’re unaware of how to deactivate it.

Additional Information

There are a couple of things to keep in mind about the Apple Watch Water Drop Icon. Firstly, if you’ve been swimming or your Apple Watch has got wet, and you can’t hear sounds from the speaker, activating and deactivating Water Lock might help. Secondly, it’s a good habit to rinse your Apple Watch with fresh water if it has been exposed to saltwater, chlorine, or any other kind of potentially corrosive substance.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t see water coming out of the speaker when you deactivate Water Lock – the amount of water is usually tiny and evaporates quickly. Remember to turn the Digital Crown smoothly and steadily, as jerky movements could potentially damage the mechanism. Last but not least, if you’re using a protective case on your Apple Watch, ensure it doesn’t hinder the Digital Crown’s movement.


  1. Check the water drop icon to see if your Apple Watch is in Water Lock mode.
  2. Turn the Digital Crown to unlock your watch and clear water from the speaker.
  3. Listen for the water-clearing sounds, indicating that Water Lock has been turned off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the water drop icon mean on my Apple Watch?

The water drop icon indicates that your Apple Watch is in Water Lock mode, which locks the screen to prevent accidental input when in water.

How do I clear water from my Apple Watch?

Turn the Digital Crown to deactivate Water Lock, and your watch will emit sounds to clear any water from the speaker.

Can I still receive notifications when Water Lock is on?

Yes, your Apple Watch will still receive notifications, but you won’t be able to interact with them until you turn off Water Lock.

Is there a limit to how deep my Apple Watch can go underwater?

Yes, the Apple Watch has a water resistance rating, and it’s recommended not to exceed certain depths depending on your model.

Will Water Lock activate automatically when I’m swimming?

Yes, if you start a swimming workout, your Apple Watch will automatically enable Water Lock mode.


The Apple Watch Water Drop Icon is a simple yet significant feature that ensures your device remains functional and undamaged when exposed to water. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively manage Water Lock mode, keeping your watch safe during your aquatic adventures or unexpected splashes.

Remember to deactivate the mode after your swim or shower to continue enjoying the full functionality of your Apple Watch. With a better understanding of how to manage this feature, you can dive into your next water-related activity with confidence and ease.

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