How to Track Steps on Apple Watch

Since activity-tracking gadgets such as the Apple Watch have become popular, it is usual to aim to achieve a specific objective, such as a step count. However, you may be wondering how to view your step count on an Apple Watch if you can’t find it.

The Apple Watch is an excellent device for tracking information about your everyday activities. You can view data on the number of calories you’ve burned, the amount of exercise you’ve done, and the distance you’ve traveled. You may also view the number of steps you’ve taken. You may be wondering, though, how to find your step count on the Apple Watch.

Depending on the watch face you choose, your daily activity information can be shown in a variety of positions on the watch. However, you may always access this data using the Activity app. Our article will assist you in locating the step count information in the Apple Watch activity app.

For more information, see this video on how to track steps on Apple Watch.

How to View the Step Count on an Apple Watch

  1. Press the crown button.
  2. Launch the Activity application.
  3. Swipe upward.
  4. View your total steps under Total Steps.

Our post continues below with more information on monitoring the step count on an Apple Watch, as well as screenshots of these steps.

Where Can I Find My Apple Watch Step Count?

The following procedures were taken on an Apple Watch 7. The step count is displayed in the Activity app on the watch. Thus, these steps will direct you to that specific spot.

Step 1: On your Apple Watch, launch the Activity app.

When on the Home screen, push the crown button on the side of the watch to access the app screen. You may need to touch the crown several times if you are not on the Home screen.

Step 2: From the bottom of the watch face, swipe up.

Step 3: Scroll down this menu until you find the step count.

The information displayed above is your current day’s step count.

how to track steps on Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you can also find your step count. Select the current day in the Activity app, then scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Apple Watch Step Count Video

Can the Apple Watch Count Steps?

Yes, as we mentioned in the preceding sections, you can count steps on your Apple Watch.

This feature is enabled by default; however, you may not be aware of its existence.

To see your step count, launch the Activity app and swipe up on the screen.

How to Determine Your Step Count on an iPhone (or an Apple Watch)

The Fitness app on your iPhone displays a wealth of helpful data from your Apple Watch, including your step count.

You can view your step count on your iPhone by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Fitness.
  2. Select the Activity tab.
  3. Find Total Steps by scrolling down.

This Fitness app displays a wealth of additional information, such as your workouts and medals.

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