How to Print Tarpapel in Word Using HP Printer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Printing tarpapel in Word using an HP printer is a straightforward process. Essentially, you’ll be printing a large image or document across multiple sheets of paper, which you can then piece together to create a larger poster. It’s a nifty trick for making big visuals without a specialized printer. Let’s dive into the steps to get this done.

Step by Step Tutorial: Printing Tarpapel in Word Using HP Printer

Before we start, it’s important to know that printing tarpapel involves dividing your document into sections that fit into standard-sized paper. We will then print these sections and combine them to form a large poster. It’s like creating a giant puzzle with your printer.

Step 1: Open your document in Word

Open the Word document that you want to print as tarpapel.

Opening your document is the first and most obvious step. Ensure that the document is ready to go and that all the editing has been finalized.

Step 2: Access the print settings

Go to ‘File’, then ‘Print’ to access the print settings in Word.

In the print settings, you will be able to manipulate how your document is printed. This is where the magic happens.

Step 3: Choose your HP printer

Select your HP printer from the list of available printers.

Make sure your HP printer is connected to your computer and turned on. It should appear in the list of printers you can select.

Step 4: Set the page range

If not printing the entire document, set the page range you want to print.

This step is crucial if you’re only printing a section of your document as tarpapel. Double-check to make sure you’ve got the right pages selected.

Step 5: Adjust the settings for tarpapel printing

In the printer settings, look for ‘Poster Printing’ or a similar option that allows you to print a document across multiple pages.

Not all HP printers will have the same wording, so ‘Poster Printing’ might be called something else. Look for options related to printing on multiple pages.

Step 6: Choose the poster size

Select the number of sheets wide and tall you want your final poster to be, based on the size of the paper you’re using.

Think about how large you want your final poster to be. This will determine how many pages, both wide and tall, you will need to print on.

Step 7: Print your tarpapel

Once everything is set up, press ‘Print’ and let your HP printer do the work.

After you press ‘Print’, your printer will start printing out the sections of your tarpapel. Make sure you have enough paper loaded!

After completing these steps, you’ll end up with several sheets of paper that, when combined, will form your large poster or document. It’s like creating a mosaic of paper that, when pieced together correctly, reveals the big picture.

Tips for Printing Tarpapel in Word Using HP Printer

  • Ensure that your HP printer has enough ink before starting the print job. You don’t want to run out halfway through.
  • Use good quality paper for a more professional-looking poster.
  • After printing, lay out the pages on a flat surface to determine the correct order before piecing them together.
  • Use clear tape to attach the sheets together from the back to make the seams less noticeable.
  • Consider laminating the final poster for extra durability and a more finished look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure the pages line up correctly when I’m piecing together the tarpapel?

Lay the sheets out in order and align the edges carefully before taping them together. Most printers will leave a slight overlap to help you align the pages.

Can I print a tarpapel on any size paper?

Yes, you can print on any size paper, but standard letter or A4 sizes are the most manageable.

What if my HP printer doesn’t have a ‘Poster Printing’ option?

You can use third-party software to split your image or document into multiple pages before printing.

Can I print colored tarpapel?

Absolutely! Just make sure your HP printer has colored ink if you’re printing a color document or image.

How can I make the seams less visible on the final poster?

One method is to trim the edges of the paper where the sheets will overlap before taping them together.


  1. Open your document in Word.
  2. Access the print settings.
  3. Choose your HP printer.
  4. Set the page range.
  5. Adjust the settings for tarpapel printing.
  6. Choose the poster size.
  7. Print your tarpapel.


Printing tarpapel in Word using an HP printer might sound like a task for the tech-savvy, but it’s actually quite doable for anyone willing to give it a try. The trick lies in the preparation: ensuring your document is ready, your printer is stocked with ink and paper, and you’ve got a clear idea of the size of the poster you want to create. With a bit of patience and attention to detail, you can transform any ordinary document into an extraordinary poster-sized display. Whether it’s for a classroom, a business presentation, or just for fun, mastering the art of tarpapel printing can add a new level of professionalism and creativity to your projects. So, why not give it a shot and see what impressive visuals you can create with your HP printer?

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