How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail

Many popular communications tools continue to add more and more features so that their users can perform as much of their interaction in one place as possible. The Gmail app is no different, and many of these tools can be found in the Gmail sidebar at the left side of the window. When you set … Read more

how to hide the Meet section in Gmail

How to Remove the Meet Section from Your Gmail Inbox

When you use Gmail in a Web browser on your computer you are accustomed to seeing things a certain way. Depending on your settings this could include a general inbox, or several different tabs where Gmail classifies certain types of emails. But you may have noticed recently that there is a “Meet” section at the … Read more

How to See More Emails in Gmail

Does it seem like you need to scroll through too many screens when you are reading your emails? The steps in this article are going to show you how to see more emails in Gmail so that you can view more emails on your screen at one time. How to Change the Gmail Display Density … Read more