How to CC in Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

CC’ing in Gmail is a simple process that allows you to send a copy of your email to additional recipients. To CC someone, create a new email, click on the ‘CC’ field next to the ‘To’ field, and enter the email address of the person you want to CC. Once you send the email, the CC’d recipient will receive a copy of the email along with any other recipients you’ve included.

After you complete the action of adding a CC recipient, that person will receive the same email as the primary recipient. They will be able to see that they were CC’d and know that others have also received the email.


Email has become an essential tool for communication in our daily lives, especially in the workplace. Whether you’re sending a message to a colleague, a client, or organizing an event, it’s important to understand how to use all the features of your email service efficiently. One such feature that often causes confusion is the ‘CC’ function in Gmail. CC stands for ‘carbon copy,’ which, in the world of email, means sending a copy of your message to additional recipients. It’s a useful way to keep people in the loop, ensure transparency, or simply provide information to multiple parties simultaneously.

Knowing how to CC in Gmail is particularly relevant for professionals who need to communicate with teams, managers, and other stakeholders. It’s also beneficial for personal use, such as planning a group event or sharing information with family and friends. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert at CC’ing in Gmail, understanding not just the how, but also the when and why of using this feature.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to CC in Gmail

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that CC’ing someone in an email ensures that they receive a copy of the correspondence. This is often used in business settings but can be useful in personal communication as well.

Step 1: Open Gmail and click on ‘Compose’

When you click ‘Compose,’ a new email window will open for you to create your message.

Step 2: Click on the ‘CC’ field next to the ‘To’ field

The ‘CC’ field is where you’ll enter the email addresses of the people you want to CC.

Step 3: Enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to CC

Add each email address, separating them with a comma if you’re CC’ing multiple people.

Step 4: Write your email and click ‘Send’

After adding your CC’d recipients, finish writing your email and hit ‘Send’ to deliver the message to everyone included.


Keeps others informedCC’ing allows you to keep others in the loop without making them the primary recipients of your email.
TransparencyThis feature promotes transparency in communications, especially in workplace settings.
ConvenienceCC’ing multiple people saves time compared to sending separate emails to each person.


Overuse can lead to clutterOverusing the CC feature can result in cluttered inboxes and unnecessary emails for recipients.
Privacy concernsCC’ing someone on an email exposes their email address to all other recipients, which can be a privacy issue.
Potential for miscommunicationIf it’s not clear why someone is CC’d, it can lead to confusion or miscommunication.

Additional Information

When it comes to mastering how to CC in Gmail, there are a few additional tips and insights that can elevate your email game. First off, it’s crucial to use the CC function judiciously. Only include people who genuinely need to see the email. This respects the recipients’ time and inbox space. Also, if you’re replying to an email with CC’d individuals, consider whether to reply all or just reply to the sender. Replying to all keeps everyone in the loop, but if your response isn’t relevant to the CC’d parties, it’s best to reply to the sender alone.

Another handy tip is to use the BCC (blind carbon copy) function for instances where you want to keep recipients’ addresses private. For example, if you’re sending a mass email but don’t want each recipient to see who else the email was sent to, BCC is the way to go. Additionally, when you’re on the receiving end of a CC’d email, take a moment to understand why you’ve been included. This can help you determine the appropriate response, if any, and how to engage with the email’s content.


  1. Open Gmail and click on ‘Compose.’
  2. Click on the ‘CC’ field next to the ‘To’ field.
  3. Enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to CC.
  4. Write your email and click ‘Send.’

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CC mean in email?

CC stands for ‘carbon copy.’ When you CC someone in an email, it means you’re sending them a copy of the message.

Can I CC someone after an email has already been sent?

No, you cannot CC someone after an email has been sent. You would need to forward the email to them instead.

Is there a limit to how many people I can CC in an email?

Technically, no. However, it’s good practice to only include those who truly need to see the email to avoid clutter.

Can I remove a CC’d recipient before sending an email?

Yes, you can remove a CC’d recipient by simply deleting their email address from the CC field before sending.

How do I know if I’ve been CC’d on an email?

You’ll see your email address in the CC field of the email you receive.


Mastering how to CC in Gmail is a simple yet powerful skill that can improve your communication efficiency and professionalism. Whether you’re keeping a team member informed, ensuring transparency in your correspondences, or sharing information with friends and family, understanding the CC function is crucial.

Remember to use it wisely, respect the recipients’ inboxes, and consider privacy and relevance when adding others to your emails. The next time you compose an email, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to CC like a pro.

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