How to Change Page Orientation in Excel Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the page orientation in Excel Online is a straightforward process. You can switch between portrait and landscape layouts to better fit your data presentation needs. All it takes is a few clicks on the ribbon, and voilà, your spreadsheet looks completely different. Ready to learn how to do it? Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change Page Orientation in Excel Online

Changing the page orientation in Excel Online is easier than you might think. By following these simple steps, you’ll have your spreadsheet looking just the way you want it to in no time.

Step 1: Open Your Excel Online Spreadsheet

Open the Excel Online spreadsheet you want to change the orientation of.

Once you have your spreadsheet open, you’ll be ready to make the necessary adjustments to its layout.

Step 2: Click on the “Page Layout” Tab

Find and click on the “Page Layout” tab on the ribbon.

The “Page Layout” tab is where you’ll find all the options for adjusting the appearance of your spreadsheet, including orientation.

Step 3: Select “Orientation”

In the “Page Layout” tab, click on “Orientation.”

This will open a drop-down menu with two options: “Portrait” and “Landscape.”

Step 4: Choose Your Desired Orientation

From the drop-down menu, select either “Portrait” or “Landscape.”

“Portrait” is the default option and is best suited for data that is longer than it is wide. “Landscape,” on the other hand, is ideal for wider data sets.

After you’ve selected your preferred orientation, your spreadsheet will automatically adjust to the new layout.

What Happens After Changing Page Orientation in Excel Online?

Once you’ve changed the page orientation in Excel Online, you’ll notice that your data might look quite different. If you’ve chosen “Landscape,” you’ll have more width to work with, which is perfect for wide tables or charts. On the other hand, selecting “Portrait” might make your spreadsheet longer. It’s all about choosing the best fit for your data.

Tips for Changing Page Orientation in Excel Online

  • Remember that changing the orientation can affect the way your data is displayed, so always check your work after making the switch.
  • If you’re planning to print your spreadsheet, make sure to preview it in the new orientation to avoid any surprises.
  • “Landscape” orientation can be particularly helpful for large datasets that need more horizontal space.
  • If you’re working with a team, ensure everyone is aware of the orientation change, as it can impact collaborative work.
  • Don’t forget to save your spreadsheet after changing the orientation to keep your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the orientation of just one page in Excel Online?

Unfortunately, Excel Online applies the orientation change to the entire workbook, not individual pages.

Does changing the orientation affect how my spreadsheet will print?

Yes, changing the orientation will affect the print layout. Always preview before printing to ensure it looks as expected.

Can I change the orientation of multiple sheets at the same time?

In Excel Online, you need to change the orientation for each sheet individually.

Will changing the orientation affect my data or formulas?

No, changing the orientation does not affect the data or formulas in your spreadsheet. It only changes how the data is displayed.

Can I switch back to the original orientation after making changes?

Absolutely! Just follow the same steps and select the original orientation to revert back.


  1. Open your Excel Online spreadsheet.
  2. Click on the “Page Layout” tab.
  3. Select “Orientation.”
  4. Choose “Portrait” or “Landscape.”


Changing the page orientation in Excel Online is a cinch! Whether you’re preparing a report, organizing data, or getting ready for a presentation, knowing how to tweak the orientation can come in handy. It’s an essential skill that can make your spreadsheets more readable and your data more presentable. Remember, the key is to choose the orientation that best suits your data’s needs.

With the steps outlined above, you’re now equipped to flip your spreadsheets from portrait to landscape and back again with ease. Go ahead, give it a try! And if you run into any snags, just refer back to our tips and FAQs for a quick solution.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different orientations to find the perfect fit for your data. And once you’ve mastered page orientation, why stop there? Excel Online has a treasure trove of tools waiting for you to explore, each designed to make your data shine. So, keep playing around, keep learning, and watch as your spreadsheets transform from simple grids to masterpieces of data presentation. Happy orienting!

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