How to Close All Open Tabs in Chrome iPhone App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Closing all open tabs in the Chrome app on your iPhone can be a real time-saver, especially when you’ve got a ton of them open and your browser starts to lag. It’s a simple process that requires just a few taps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Closing All Open Tabs in the Chrome iPhone App

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that closing all tabs will remove any web pages you have open. Make sure to bookmark or save any important pages before proceeding.

Step 1: Open the Chrome App

Open the Chrome app on your iPhone. You’ll see your open tabs.

After opening the app, if you have many open tabs, you might notice a number at the bottom right corner of the screen indicating how many tabs you have open.

Step 2: Tap the Tabs Icon

Tap on the tabs icon at the bottom right corner. This will bring up the tab view.

In tab view, you’ll see all your open tabs as small windows that you can swipe left or right to navigate through.

Step 3: Long-Press “Done”

Long-press the “Done” button at the bottom right corner.

A menu will pop up with the option to close all tabs. It might take a second or two for this menu to appear, so be patient.

Step 4: Select “Close All Tabs”

Tap “Close All Tabs” to close all open tabs.

After you tap this, all your tabs will be closed and you’ll be left with a new tab or your homepage, depending on your settings.

Once you complete these steps, all of your tabs in Chrome will be closed. You’ll have a fresh start to begin browsing again.

Tips for Closing All Open Tabs in the Chrome iPhone App

  • Always make sure to bookmark any important tabs before closing them.
  • If you accidentally close a tab, you can always reopen it by going to the menu (three dots) and selecting “Recently closed.”
  • Closing all tabs can help improve the performance of the Chrome App on your iPhone.
  • You can also close individual tabs by swiping them to the left or right in the tab view.
  • Consider using the “Incognito Mode” if you don’t want tabs to accumulate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I undo closing all tabs if I did it by mistake?

If you accidentally close all your tabs, you can reopen them by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner, then selecting “History” and “Recently closed.”

Will closing all tabs log me out of websites?

Closing all tabs will log you out of most websites, especially if they require you to sign in for each session for security reasons.

Can I close all tabs on the desktop version of Chrome?

Yes, you can close all tabs on the desktop version of Chrome by right-clicking on a tab and selecting “Close all tabs.”

Will closing all tabs delete my bookmarks?

No, closing all tabs will not delete your bookmarks. Bookmarks are saved in your browser and can be accessed anytime.

Can I set Chrome to always open with a fresh session and no tabs?

Yes, you can adjust your Chrome settings to open with a new session each time by going to Settings > On startup and selecting “Open the New Tab page.”


  1. Open the Chrome app
  2. Tap the tabs icon
  3. Long-press “Done”
  4. Select “Close All Tabs”


In conclusion, tidying up your digital space by closing all open tabs in the Chrome iPhone app is a breeze. It’s just like shutting the lid on a cluttered box and starting fresh. Not only does it help you stay organized, but it also ensures that your app runs smoothly, without any unnecessary load. Remember though, before you take the plunge and close them all, it’s always a good idea to save what’s important – bookmark it or write it down.

Who knows when you’ll need to revisit that recipe for banana bread or that article about deep-sea creatures? Closing all open tabs is like a mini digital detox, giving you the chance to refocus and start anew. So go on, give your Chrome app a clean slate and enjoy the unburdened browsing experience!

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