How to Open a New Tab in Safari on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Opening a new tab in Safari on your iPhone is a breeze. All you need to do is launch the Safari app, tap the square icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap the plus sign to open a new tab. It’s that simple. Now, let’s dive into the detailed steps to make sure you’ve got it down pat.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Open a New Tab in Safari on an iPhone

Before we start, it’s worth noting that opening a new tab will allow you to browse multiple websites simultaneously without losing your place on the current page. This can be especially handy when you’re comparing products or need to reference information from different sources.

Step 1: Launch the Safari app

Open the Safari app on your iPhone by tapping on its icon.

Once you’ve opened Safari, you’ll see your current webpage or your favorites page if you don’t have a page open.

Step 2: Tap the square icon

Look for the square icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap it.

This icon represents the tabs view, which shows all the web pages you have open in Safari.

Step 3: Tap the plus sign

In the tabs view, tap the plus sign in the bottom center of the screen to open a new tab.

When you tap the plus sign, a new tab will open, and you can begin browsing another website while keeping your other tabs accessible.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a new tab open in Safari where you can navigate to any website you choose. Your previous tabs will remain open, and you can switch between them by tapping the square icon again and selecting the desired tab.

Tips: Navigating New Tabs in Safari on an iPhone

  • To close a tab, simply tap the ‘X’ in the corner of the tab preview in the tabs view.
  • You can reorder tabs by pressing and holding a tab preview, then dragging it to the desired location.
  • If you accidentally close a tab, you can quickly reopen it by pressing and holding the plus sign and selecting the closed tab from the list.
  • To quickly switch between tabs without going into the tabs view, swipe left or right on the bottom toolbar.
  • Use Private Browsing Mode if you want to open a new tab that won’t save your browsing history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tabs can I have open at once in Safari on an iPhone?

You can have up to 500 tabs open at once in Safari on an iPhone. However, having too many tabs open may slow down your browsing experience.

Can I open a new tab in the background?

Yes, you can open a new tab in the background by pressing and holding a link and selecting ‘Open in New Tab’ from the context menu.

How do I switch to a different tab without closing the current one?

To switch tabs, tap the square icon to enter the tabs view, then tap on the tab you want to view. The current tab will remain open in the background.

Is there a shortcut to open a new tab?

If you have a keyboard connected to your iPhone, you can use the shortcut ‘Command + T’ to open a new tab in Safari.

Can I search within my open tabs?

Yes, in the tabs view, you can use the search bar at the top to search for keywords within your open tabs.


  1. Launch the Safari app.
  2. Tap the square icon.
  3. Tap the plus sign.


Opening a new tab in Safari on your iPhone is a fundamental skill that can enhance your browsing experience. It allows you to multitask and keep information at your fingertips without losing your place. With the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you’ll be a pro at managing multiple tabs in no time. Remember to use the tips provided to navigate your tabs efficiently and keep your Safari organized. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to revisit the frequently asked questions section. Happy browsing, and enjoy the seamless functionality of Safari on your iPhone!

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