How to Remove ‘Sent from My iPhone’ Signature from Emails

Got an iPhone and want to delete a sent email? Don’t worry, it’s a simple process that you can do in just a few steps. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to remove that unwanted sent email from your iPhone.

You can also check out this video about how to remove the Sent from My iPhone signature on iPhone for additional information.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Remove Sent from My iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly understand what we’re aiming for. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to delete a sent email from the sent folder of your iPhone’s Mail app. It’s a handy skill to have, especially if you’ve sent an email by mistake or simply want to keep your sent folder tidy.

Step 1: Open the Mail App

Open the Mail app on your iPhone to get started.

The Mail app is your gateway to all things email on your iPhone. It’s where you can view, send, and manage all your emails. To delete a sent email, you’ll need to start here.

Step 2: Go to the Sent Folder

Navigate to the Sent folder within the Mail app.

The Sent folder is where all your sent emails are stored. It’s like a digital record of your email conversations. To remove an email, you’ll need to locate this folder first.

Step 3: Select the Email You Want to Delete

Find and select the sent email you wish to delete.

Scroll through your sent emails until you find the one you want to get rid of. Tap on it to select it. This is an important step because you don’t want to delete the wrong email by accident.

Step 4: Delete the Email

Delete the email by tapping the trash icon.

Once you’ve selected the email, look for the trash icon. It’s usually located at the bottom of the screen. Tapping this icon will delete the email from your Sent folder.

After you complete these steps, the sent email will be deleted from your iPhone’s Sent folder. It’s a simple process that helps you manage your emails and keep your sent folder organized.

Tips: How to Remove Sent from My iPhone

  • Always double-check before deleting an email to ensure it’s the correct one.
  • Regularly cleaning out your Sent folder can help keep your email account organized.
  • If you accidentally delete an important email, check your Trash folder as it may still be there.
  • Remember that deleting an email from your Sent folder does not “unsend” it; the recipient will still have a copy.
  • Consider creating email rules or filters to automatically manage your sent emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete multiple sent emails at once?

To delete multiple emails, enter the Sent folder, tap ‘Edit,’ select the emails you want to delete, and then tap the trash icon.

Can I recover a sent email after I’ve deleted it from my iPhone?

Deleted emails may still be recoverable from the Trash folder, but if it’s been permanently deleted, recovery might not be possible.

Does deleting a sent email from my iPhone also delete it from other devices?

If your email account is synced across multiple devices, deleting a sent email from your iPhone will also delete it from other devices.

Why can’t I find a deleted email in my Trash folder?

If you can’t find a deleted email in the Trash folder, it may have been permanently deleted or the Trash folder may have been emptied.

Can I delete sent emails from the iPhone Mail app if I’m using a third-party email service?

Yes, as long as the third-party email service is configured with the Mail app, you can delete sent emails from within the app.


  1. Open the Mail app
  2. Navigate to the Sent folder
  3. Select the email you want to delete
  4. Tap the trash icon to delete the email


And there you have it – a straightforward guide on how to remove sent from your iPhone. Whether you’re looking to keep your sent folder uncluttered or you need to delete an email sent in haste, these steps will ensure you can do so with ease. Remember, in the world of email, staying organized and managing your communications effectively is key. So go ahead, take control of your sent folder, and keep your digital correspondence in check. And if you ever find yourself needing to revisit these steps, this article will be right here, waiting to guide you through the process once more.

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