Is Low-Power Mode Turned On By Default on iPhone 14? Find Out Here!

When you get your hands on the latest iPhone 14, one of the first things you might wonder is whether Low-Power Mode is turned on by default. Well, the answer is no, it’s not. But don’t worry, it’s super easy to turn on, and I’m going to show you how. After you’ve set it up, your iPhone will be ready to conserve battery life when you need it most.

How to Turn On Low-Power Mode on iPhone 14

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re going to accomplish here. Turning on Low-Power Mode can really extend your battery life when you’re running low. It reduces background activity like downloads and mail fetch, dims your screen, and optimizes performance for the essential stuff.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 14. You’ll find this grey gear icon on one of your home screens or in the App Library.

When you open Settings, you’re greeted with a bunch of options. Think of it as the control center for your iPhone where you can tweak and tune your device to work just how you like it.

Step 2: Tap on Battery

Scroll down and tap on the “Battery” option. It’s usually in the second group of options.

The Battery section gives you insights into your battery usage, but more importantly, it’s where you can control Low-Power Mode.

Step 3: Toggle on Low-Power Mode

Switch on the toggle next to Low-Power Mode. It’ll turn green when it’s on.

Once you’ve turned on Low-Power Mode, your iPhone will automatically activate it when your battery goes below 20%. You’ll know it’s working because the battery icon on the top right of your screen will turn yellow.

After you complete these steps, your iPhone 14 will automatically switch to Low-Power Mode whenever your battery drops to 20% or below. It’s a smart way to ensure your phone lasts as long as possible until you can get to a charger.

Tips for Using Low-Power Mode on iPhone 14

  • Low-Power Mode temporarily reduces background activity like mail fetch and automatic downloads, so don’t be surprised if some things seem a bit slower.
  • Your screen will lock more quickly, so make sure to save your work often.
  • Even with Low-Power Mode on, you can still use features like GPS and Wi-Fi. Just keep in mind they may use more battery.
  • If you want to conserve even more battery, try reducing screen brightness and turning off location services.
  • Remember, Low-Power Mode is not meant to be a permanent solution. It’s best used when you need a bit more time before charging your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Low-Power Mode affect performance?

Yes, it does. When Low-Power Mode is on, your iPhone will slow down certain tasks to save battery life. You might notice things like reduced screen brightness and less frequent background refreshes for apps.

Can I use Low-Power Mode all the time?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Low-Power Mode is designed to help you stretch your battery life when it’s low, not as a permanent setting.

Will Low-Power Mode turn off automatically?

Yes, Low-Power Mode will turn off automatically once you charge your iPhone to a certain level, usually around 80%.

How do I know if Low-Power Mode is on?

When Low-Power Mode is on, the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen will be yellow.

Can I still receive calls and messages with Low-Power Mode on?

Absolutely! Low-Power Mode does not affect your ability to receive calls or messages.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Toggle on Low-Power Mode


In the fast-paced world we live in, our smartphones are more than just devices; they’re lifelines. The iPhone 14, like its predecessors, continues to offer impressive features and capabilities. However, battery life remains a concern for many users. Low-Power Mode is a nifty feature that’s just a few taps away, ready to save the day when you’re in a pinch. It’s not on by default, but now you know exactly how to turn it on and make the most of your iPhone’s battery life.

Remember, it’s all about balance. Low-Power Mode is perfect for those times when you’re running low on juice and need to make it through the day. But, it’s not a substitute for good charging habits. Treat your iPhone 14’s battery with care, and it’ll serve you well. So go ahead, switch on Low-Power Mode, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re conserving battery life when you need it most.

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